November 2, 2014

Week in Review: Halloween Part II

WHEW! We had another super eventful week full of Halloween festivities again! It was so fun, but it was exhausting too! As much as I LOVE Halloween, I felt so good putting all the Halloween stuff away yesterday! 

My little skeletons!

We had a pumpkin carving night over at Joey's sister Staci's house this week with the kiddos and Grandma Sue and Don. Noelle is super intrigued in pumpkin carving and had a blast watching us do it. Joey and I weren't thrilled about carving pumpkins, but once we started it was really fun! It was worth it to see how happy and into it Noelle was. 

She rolled up her sleeves like she was going to get into the pumpkin but when we asked her to help us remove the guts she said "Nooo it's icky!"

Joey ended up doing Halle's pumpkin and I did Noelle's!

Voila! Noelle's pumpkin! Hello Kitty!

Not bad for my FIRST EVER carved pumpkin! :)

Ray's, Joey's (it's suppose to be Halle - big eyes and huge smile lol), Parker's, and Noelle's (well, mine).

She requested Hello Kitty and she got it!

Happy HALLEween! (Yes, another Halloween get-up lol. I have too many. This was one out of four of her Halloween bibs.)

On Halloween night we went trick or treating, and we did it at Har Mar again! It was so great last year that we thought we would do it again! It's so easy, relaxed, and we don't have to worry about the kids getting cold or having to wear coats!

It was hilarious because Noelle had/has the CUTEST Minnie Mouse costume ever (as you saw in last week's post) but on actual Halloween she wanted to go as Princess Tori from Barbie's Princess and the Popstar. Lol. Really?! Her Minnie Mouse costume was adorable, and an actual costume, and she wanted to wear one of her dress up dresses! (It's not even Princess Tori, she just says that because it's pink, lol.) Sometimes you have to pick your battles!

Grandma Sue met us at the mall for some trick or treating!

Happy happy princess!

Mama's little cow out on her first Halloween!

After trick or treating we had dinner at our family favorite, Smash Burger! Yum. Halle's so fun now because she can sit up in a high chair! It makes dining out so much easier!


Once we returned home, she had to go through her loot.

On Saturday morning after Halloween we had a few friends over and their kiddos for a Halloween playdate! It was fun! The kids came in their costumes and we just let them go loose throughout the house and play while we had some much needed adult conversation over morning mimosas and baked goodies! I wish I had more pictures from this morning but it was chaos trying to play hostess in a house full of kids!

I wish I had gotten not only more pictures of the kids and adults, but of the decor! I had strings of pumpkin lights in the living room, hanging vampires and bats, and a cute little friendly ghost too! Oh well, there's always next year! :)

Myla, Noelle, and Charlie indulging in cheese balls, lol.

OH MY GOODNESS. It was SO hard to get a picture of the kids! Lol. This is the closest we got to a group picture. (We're also missing Oliver, Frankie Jo, and Charlotte!) Notice Noelle hiding her face? "NO PICTURES!"

Here's Halle and Lucy being adorable together. They were born 4 days apart! I love it!

These two are so cute. 

After everyone left we had some downtime to ourselves! We changed into jammies and relaxed! Yay for family time!

Saturday night we went out to celebrate Gaotah's 29th birthday! I love this girl so much! It was fun to celebrate, and we appropriately went to celebrate her Halloween birthday at Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis. 


It was fun to hang out with some of my girlfriends, sans kids! A much needed night out!

Annie, Courtney, me, and Joey having some after dinner drinks at the bar!

Like I said at the start of this post, WHEW! It was a busy, busy week and weekend full of activities and plans! Hopefully there will be some down time this week so that I can just concentrate on Noelle's birthday! (Her birthday is on Thursday and her birthday party is on Saturday!) Hope everyone had a very fun Halloween and we'll see you next week!

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  1. so so cute!! and thanks again for the lovely playdate costume/fall party!! it was nice to meet all the other momma's and kiddo's. your decor was so cute! looking forward to saturday! :)


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