November 25, 2014

Tots Get Crafty: Last Minute Thanksgiving Crafts!

I've been so horrible at posting arts and crafts lately!! Noelle did a slew of Halloween and early fall crafts that I never even posted! Shame, shame. At least I have taken pictures of everything she has made so far to compile into an art book, but I should be doing a better job of sharing them with other readers for ideas! Here are some last minute Thanksgiving crafts before Turkey Day!! :)

Thank you cards. We appropriately made thank you cards for her teachers, some friends, grandparents, and great grandparents! She told me what to write and I scribed for her, so there were a few "best" teachers and "best" friends, lol. 

At school they talked about being thankful for family and she came home with this ADORABLE project!! We laughed our butts off at this! We had to know how much assistance she had from her teachers in making this and we were pleasantly surprised! Miss Mary said that she had pre-cut out many different looking people from various magazines for the kids. She had approximately 100 different people cut out and laid out on a table and told the kids to go find their family members!! This is who Noelle came up with! Pretty darn good!!! We love this, and are keeping it forever. 

Tissue fall leaf!

Painting using a dish brush!

Foam sticker turkey! Very abstract. ;)

She made this at school. I just about cried.

We love Dot Painters!

Adorable little finger and thumb print turkey!
Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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