November 3, 2014

Top Preschool Girl Toys for Christmas 2014

I don't know one thing about boy toys. Not one thing. I know a lot about girl toys though. Like, too much. Having Noelle, and having tons and tons of trips to the toy store I know EXACTLY what toys are going to be hits this Christmas! (Not just for Noelle, but most likely every preschool aged girl out there.) Since it's already November, and the stores are already rolling their Christmas gear out, there's no better time to start thinking about gifts than now! (Never too early to start shopping, saving, and preparing!)

Here's what I anticipate to be the hot, must have, top preschool girl toys this Christmas!

Disney Enchanted Cupcake Party Game: Good lord. Noelle found this the other day at the store and seriously had a full out tantrum because I wouldn't buy it for her, and the funniest part is that I wouldn't buy it for her because it was already wrapped and hidden in our bedroom closet at home! If your girl loves princesses this is an awesome gift. I know Noelle will love it because it combines her favorite things - cupcakes and princesses. It's approved for ages 3+ and it involves following recipe cards to create princess themed cupcakes!

Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile: There's a motion activated siren on this little mobile, has a working ladder, gurney and seat for your little patient or for Doc! This should be a big hit with all Doc McStuffins fans out there since it's hot off the press brand new! Even though it's a little gruesome, how cute is that gurney? Lol. I know Noelle would love this. She's obsessed with playing doctor, listening to my heartbeat constantly and telling me that I'm sick, haha. She has a sweet little Doc McStuffins doll that would fit with this set, but could also play with this set with any of her dolls and/or stuffed animals.

Disney Princess Palace Pets Spa Playset: They are really pushing for these Palace Pets to shoot off, and they really haven't yet. I haven't noticed too many girls going gaga for these, but with this set, they just might. I've noticed preschool girls really getting into My Littlest Pet Shop (like Noelle) and this combines their love for teeny tiny pets + the Disney Princesses. They also have SO many different pets to choose from to add to your set/collection. Noelle already has Treasure (Ariel's pet) and Pumpkin (Cinderella's pet) and I could see her loving a little salon to get them "fancy" in.

Elsa and Anna musical light up dresses: I don't think I need to explain. They are taking an already super popular thing (the dresses) and making them sing and light up? Oh yeah, these will be hot!! (Elsa sings her legendary "Let It Go" and Anna's dress sings "For the First Time in Forever.")

Noelle in her beloved Anna dress. (She wears in constantly!)

Snow Glow Elsa: Pretty adorable. This cute toddler doll of Elsa lights up and sings "Let It Go" and comes with Olaf! With a push of her snowflake necklace she also says 15 phrases! Noelle got the Ariel version of this doll last Christmas, when The Little Mermaid's 10 year release was out, and loves it. Ariel sings "Under the Sea," also lights up, and says multiple phrases. If your little girl loves playing with her dolls and/or loves Disney princesses/Frozen, this doll should be a big hit.

Noelle with her singing Ariel doll from last Christmas! Mega hit!

Frozen Microphone: This is going to be an awesome stocking stuffer! For $12 you can't afford to NOT get it! It's a real working microphone that your daughter can sing into...and it plays songs from Frozen for them to sing along with. This is going to be out of stock probably indefinitely. Get yours online.

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Glitter Glider: This will be hot for sure. It's the newest line of Disney Princess that they have out - The Glitter Glider dolls, which are like the MagiClip dolls, but with glitter dresses that have rollers on them. They can glide down the ramps, slides, and on the turning ballroom floor of the castle. The dolls are sold separately of course, but you get Cinderella with the castle. There are lots of accessories (like additional dolls, their friends, additional dresses) to choose from to add to the set, as well as additional castle rooms and parts you can add to this castle. When Noelle was a toddler she absolutely LOVED Fischer Price's Disney Princess Little People set (click here for Top Toddler Girl Gifts) and now that she's a bit older and knows how to dress her MagiClip dolls herself, this is the PERFECT next step in her princess play!

Dancing Hello Kitty: Preschool girls like Noelle for whatever reason adore Hello Kitty, and this one dances to music with a touch of her chest OR to the sounds of music (she is sound activated). She dances to two of her own songs or to any of your music. She comes with a stand for her to dance on, but also has suction cups on her hands/feet so you can have her dance on any glass possibly the car window?! I can totally see Noelle and Hello Kitty jamming out to some "Shake It Off" in the car on the way to school! (Noelle is already getting this for her birthday from my parents! Spoiled!)

Sofia the First Magical Royal Prep Academy: Any Sofia lovers out there? This will be a hit! For all the cute little Sofia dolls out there, they have finally made a big playset for them! (They made her family's castle last year, but the Royal Prep is larger, has more stuff in it to do, and can fit all her friends!) It has 3 levels and 9 bedrooms, working lights, and over 20 sounds. This could make a WONDERFUL doll house gift for a little girl who loves Sofia! I know Noelle would love this, but she already has TWO Loving Family dollhouses!

My Size Anna and Elsa Dolls: Remember back in the day when there were My Size Barbies?! Those were the coolest things ever. You could play with them, dance with them, share clothes with them...well they are back -kind of- in Frozen form! This is a Target Exclusive! Many stores have already ran out so act fast! (Joey's mom bought this for Noelle almost a month and a half ago! It's been hiding in her closet!)

Of course there are many, many other things that preschool girls love - like Play Doh, My Little Pony, Lalaloopsy, etc. - but these are the toys that I think will be the HOTTEST and flying off the shelves! If your 3-4 year old daughter is ANYTHING like mine, these are the things she's going to go gaga over.

Watch for the next coming weeks as I post what I anticipate to be the hot infant toys (yep, gotta think about Baby Halle too!) as well as a list of noncommercial toys that I think would be a huge hit for preschoolers this Christmas!


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