November 6, 2014

The Birthday Fairy Was Here!!

I'm excited to share that the Birthday Fairy has graced us with a visit to our house tonight, before Noelle's third birthday tomorrow!! The Birthday Fairy sprinkled her magic everywhere and replaced our boring home, with a much more sparkly, pink home - much more appropriate for a princess' birthday! She was ever so kind to scatter our home with pink balloons, princess posters and pictures, a beautiful princess chandelier, and left gifts! 

There's a cluster of pink balloons awaiting Noelle outside her bedroom door, for her to stumble upon awakening tomorrow morning! And the Birthday Fairy left a sweet note for the birthday princess!

Oooh laa laa, along with gifts from mama, daddy, Grandpa Bau and Grandma Tuyet, there's a sweet Hello Kitty tea set from the Birthday Fairy! Wow! She not only left her magical touch, but also a gift!? The Birthday Fairy is AWESOME.

 I love the transformation the fairy did to our kitchen!

 The Birthday Fairy decided to set the Hello Kitty tea set out for Noelle, so that she could enjoy some lovely tea in the morning with her birthday breakfast! Great idea, Birthday Fairy!

We cannot wait for tomorrow morning to see the look on Noelle's face! Yay for 3 years old!


  1. What a fun way to celebrate! Hope you don't mind if I copy this idea? Ever since Saturday Myla has been playing with her duplo birthday cupcakes and asking for a Frozen birthday... Oh no;)

    1. Of course not!! Every child needs a visit from the birthday fairy!! (I totally snatched this idea from my sister in law.) Oh have your work cut out for you!!! LOL.


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