November 18, 2014

Here Comes Christmas!

Last Monday, Minnesota was hit with a foot of snow! Although November may seem a little early for winter, I couldn't be happier because it means Christmas season is well underway! Yes, that's right, Christmas is not a day for me, it's a whole season! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It's the happiest time of year! The stores are filled with Christmas music, decor, the streets are lit up with lights, and every one is  baking and sharing delicious cookies and treats! I love everything about the season, including the snow. ;)

I loved breaking out my trusty Joan of Arctic Sorel's!

I broke out my corny Santa cookie jar and have promised the family that there will be fresh baked cookies in there ALL winter! (We've already gone through a batch of snowmen sugar cookies, and are currently on our second batch of chocolate chip cookies!)

 Look at these adorable snowmen! Noelle took them out of the storage bag and exclaimed "Oh!!! Look, Olafs!!" LOL, only the kids of today would recognize snowmen as Olaf and not the other way around!

Here's Halle hanging out with some friends!

 I love my garland. :)

I started to break out all of my Christmas decorations but had to limit the amount that I put out because Joey has a fit over me celebrating one holiday before the conclusion of another (Thanksgiving), hehe. Sorry! I just love the season! So far I've mostly only put out things that I deem "Winter decorations" not necessarily Christmas decorations. There's a small dash of Christmas, but not enough to obnoxiously annoy Joey. I also have decided to not put out all of out nutcrackers (I collect one for each year we've been together - so far that's 11 nutcrackers) because there are simply too many!

 I love this sign I just recently found over the weekend! (I've since had to put the mouse king nutcracker away because Noelle is scared of it. Lol. She's been watching The Nutcracker and does not like that "mean mouse king" one bit.)

Here's my card holder that I got from Kirkland's a few years ago, that I just love. Yes, we already have one Christmas card, and I can't wait to recieve more!

I love this "window."

 I have a Santa picture for each year of Noelle's life, and am SO excited to get a new one this year with Halle!

 Noelle absolutely loves the Hallmark snow man collection displayed in our kitchen. Each one plays a song, moves, and speaks! Her favorite thing is the Santa that sings and dances to "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree."

 I ran to the store and got some "snow" and I think it looks great! 

Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving too! I think it's a wonderful, meaningful holiday, and I don't mean to overlook it at all. I just have a hard time concealing my excitement for Christmas, especially when there's SNOW out there! Here's a glimpse of what we have done so far at our home, but there is more (much more) to come! I can't wait to get our tree out (we are getting a REAL one this year!), trimming the tree with Noelle, and hanging all the stockings! I also LOVE getting our traditional annual family Christmas ornament, and the kid's individual ornaments. So much to look forward to! :)

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