November 28, 2014

Happy Halle: 8 Months of Adorableness

It's been another month of living with the happiest baby ever born, our little Halle bird. It was a fun month - full of firsts! Halle celebrated her first Thanksgiving, experienced her first snow fall, and played out in the snow for the first time, and met Santa for the first time! She also did many firsts as well - getting up all all fours, sitting up in high chairs and in shopping carts, drinking out of a sippy cup, etc.

Here are your stats this month!

Age: 8 Months
Clothing Size: 6-12 months, 12 months
Diaper size: 3
Physical development: Sitting, rolling, she WAVES (it's so, so cute) and rocking on all fours.
Teeth: None.


New talents: Picking up foods and feeding self, using a sippy.
Favorite foods: Sweet potatoes, corn, applesauce, bread, cereal puffs, yogurt bites.
Nursing: 3-4x a day, 2x a night.

Currently enjoying: Being carried around, playing with Noelle's toys, taking baths with Noelle, being read books, trying to crawl.
Currently dislikes: Being alone, not eating when others are eating.
New developments: Just started getting stranger anxiety. Definitely some separation anxiety from mommy.

Napping: 2x a day - AM/PM for 1-2 hours. Sometimes 3 hrs in PM if AM is short.
Sleeping: Usually goes down at 8:45-9:00 pm, wakes up to nurse around 11 pm, then up again at 4 am to nurse. Then up for good anytime between 7:00-8:00 am. 
Sleeps with: She loves her soft blankies and sleeps well with a paci.

Speech: She's starting to say "dada" a lot but I'm not counting it as a first word until it's clear that she's using it to address Joey. So far, as far as I can tell, it's just babble. ;) 

First snow!


We love you sweetie pie!! Happy 8 months dearest Halle!!

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