November 30, 2014

Tots Get Crafty: Christmas Themed Art

We are really getting into the Christmas spirit around here! We are already only 25 days away from the big holiday so I'm filling the days up with lots of fun arts and crafts! Noelle is at a great age where she requests "art projects" all the time. Here are some of the things we have made recently!

Here's a cute one - I used her handprints, and she glued together some paper to create a cute little peppermint. She is concentrating hard on using her glue stick!

We also created a Christmas candle! 

So cute! You can make the candle with:
Paper plate.
Handprint cut out for flame and poinsettia leaves.
Toilet paper roll.
Construction paper and paint!

Noelle made one of these last year, now it's Halle's turn! :) EVen babies can join the fun.

I'll keep posting our Christmas and winter themed arts and crafts throughout the month!

November 28, 2014

Happy Halle: 8 Months of Adorableness

It's been another month of living with the happiest baby ever born, our little Halle bird. It was a fun month - full of firsts! Halle celebrated her first Thanksgiving, experienced her first snow fall, and played out in the snow for the first time, and met Santa for the first time! She also did many firsts as well - getting up all all fours, sitting up in high chairs and in shopping carts, drinking out of a sippy cup, etc.

Here are your stats this month!

Age: 8 Months
Clothing Size: 6-12 months, 12 months
Diaper size: 3
Physical development: Sitting, rolling, she WAVES (it's so, so cute) and rocking on all fours.
Teeth: None.


New talents: Picking up foods and feeding self, using a sippy.
Favorite foods: Sweet potatoes, corn, applesauce, bread, cereal puffs, yogurt bites.
Nursing: 3-4x a day, 2x a night.

Currently enjoying: Being carried around, playing with Noelle's toys, taking baths with Noelle, being read books, trying to crawl.
Currently dislikes: Being alone, not eating when others are eating.
New developments: Just started getting stranger anxiety. Definitely some separation anxiety from mommy.

Napping: 2x a day - AM/PM for 1-2 hours. Sometimes 3 hrs in PM if AM is short.
Sleeping: Usually goes down at 8:45-9:00 pm, wakes up to nurse around 11 pm, then up again at 4 am to nurse. Then up for good anytime between 7:00-8:00 am. 
Sleeps with: She loves her soft blankies and sleeps well with a paci.

Speech: She's starting to say "dada" a lot but I'm not counting it as a first word until it's clear that she's using it to address Joey. So far, as far as I can tell, it's just babble. ;) 

First snow!


We love you sweetie pie!! Happy 8 months dearest Halle!!

November 25, 2014

Wagner Girls Visit Santa!

Monday I took the girls to go see Santa at Rosedale Mall. I was pretty worried about it because for the last two years Noelle has BAWLED upon meeting Santa. This year in preparation for tears and terror I was planning on taking the girls to the Santa Experience at MOA. The Santa there is by appointment, and he takes the time out to talk to your kids, easing them and getting them relaxed for some good photos. I made an appointment for next week and was looking forward to it. However over the weekend Noelle talked about Santa nonstop and was eager to meet him. I didn't know how it would actually go but thought, why not? 

So yesterday since both Noelle and I had the morning off from work/school, I put the girls in their Christmas best and we headed to the mall. Noelle was excited all the way there and even when we got there she was asking me where Santa was. She had lost her bow on the way in so I wanted to stop in a store to buy a new hair accessory for her, and she was so impatient. She begged to go see Santa! I couldn't believe it.

So we went to Santa and WOW. It was great!! Noelle and Santa exchanged waves from afar and then she ran to him and started talking to him right away. He was so great! He was kind, gentle, and asked all the right questions. They exchanged some talk about what Noelle wanted for Christmas (Rapunzel play doh), how she smelled like cookies, and how she was going to be a good girl. She hopped right onto his lap too! I was super surprised because Halle, who is usually SO happy was scared! She whimpered when I put her on his lap and she made some loud protests but never cried! After I started acting like a fool (read: the mom doing jumping jacks and screaming A-BOO! A-BOO!) Halle smiled big!

After the pictures were taken and I was busy paying and holding Halle, Noelle stayed on Santa's lap and they continued to talk and then she gave him the BIGGEST hug. It was SOOO cute!!! I'd say the visit was a great success!!

2012 & 2013 respectively. LOL

Tots Get Crafty: Last Minute Thanksgiving Crafts!

I've been so horrible at posting arts and crafts lately!! Noelle did a slew of Halloween and early fall crafts that I never even posted! Shame, shame. At least I have taken pictures of everything she has made so far to compile into an art book, but I should be doing a better job of sharing them with other readers for ideas! Here are some last minute Thanksgiving crafts before Turkey Day!! :)

Thank you cards. We appropriately made thank you cards for her teachers, some friends, grandparents, and great grandparents! She told me what to write and I scribed for her, so there were a few "best" teachers and "best" friends, lol. 

At school they talked about being thankful for family and she came home with this ADORABLE project!! We laughed our butts off at this! We had to know how much assistance she had from her teachers in making this and we were pleasantly surprised! Miss Mary said that she had pre-cut out many different looking people from various magazines for the kids. She had approximately 100 different people cut out and laid out on a table and told the kids to go find their family members!! This is who Noelle came up with! Pretty darn good!!! We love this, and are keeping it forever. 

Tissue fall leaf!

Painting using a dish brush!

Foam sticker turkey! Very abstract. ;)

She made this at school. I just about cried.

We love Dot Painters!

Adorable little finger and thumb print turkey!
Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Week In Review: Staying Warm!

Another week in the life! Last week mama worked 4 days, so I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with the family (bummer). I sure miss my girls when I'm working but it was also so fun! Besides pumping during my lunch hours in a closet, working has been a dream ever since I started subbing. Since I was busy working, it was a quiet week with the girls...we spent majority of the week in our pajamas when we were together, and did some holiday crafts and played. :)

Miss Halle devouring her flash cards while Noelle does art projects.

Playing in the "hot tub." (That's what Noelle calls our ottoman, lol.)

On Saturday Noelle and I went to Target's Frozen Fest thing, which was cute! From 10 am - 12pm they had photo props for the kids to take pictures with, and if you came dressed up as a Frozen character you received a free goodie bag! it was filled with Olaf stickers, fruit snacks, a code for a free Frozen app, a Frozen poster, and cute little hats! (Crowns or antlers, depending.)

Keeping up with my cookie promise (to keep the Santa jar filled all winter), we got Frozen cookies to celebrate our Frozen date! 

It's suppose to be Anna's frozen heart - lol, is that the best they could do?! ;)

Noelle at dance with her little friends on Saturday's class. Also showing off her riehle booty shorts!

We hung out for a while after class and went to watch the big girls. 

It was a cold and rather boring week since Joey and I didn't want to do much when we got home from work, so we busted out the tent! Noelle was so excited to "go camping" and Halle liked it too!

Here Noelle is playing doctor with Halle. She's listening to her heartbeat. :) Noelle has been obsessed with Doc McStuffins lately.

Now she's checking her temperature, lol.

Halle says "I'll check my own temperature, thank you."

The tent takes up a huge chunk of the living room but the girls have kept it up all week, playing and reading in it, so whatever! We go with the flow at Fort Wagner. 


Yesterday I FINALLY had a morning off and since Noelle didn't have school either I took the girls to Rosedale Mall and we went to see Santa! Afterwards I told Noelle she could have one thing from the mall - whatever she wanted for doing so good with Santa. I thought she was going to get something from Claire's (she loves that place) but instead she wanted to ride the little Lady Bug train at the mall! It costs $3.50 a ticket for anyone over age 2, so it cost us $7 to take one lap around the upper level. I was a little turned off by the price, but it was fun nonetheless. Noelle loved it. It played super cute train songs and we passed a bunch of "cute stores" as Noelle put it. She begged to go on it again once it was done, but no way was I dropping another $7 lol, sorry honey.

Mommy and her girls at the mall! 

Football Sunday!

The girls enjoying the Christmas display. :)

Hope everyone had a fun week and stayed warm! See you next week!
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