October 20, 2014

Week In Review

 This was a good/fun week for us! We are enjoying so many things right now - getting settled into our new house, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the gorgeous fall weather. Seriously, it's been so awesome outside lately! I hate to even have us be inside at all! 


While I'd rather Noelle be playing outside, I can't really tell her she can't play with her new obsession - Play Doh. We have played with it before, but now that she's a little bit older she's way more into it. She wants to play with it all the time, and with anyone! She asks for it as soon as she wakes up, and it can entertain her for a couple hours! Anything that can keep Noelle busy is good by us!

Noelle and Parker making cakes. 

Making Anna a Play Doh dress.

Making Ariel a play doh dress, while watching a play doh tutorial on YouTube, lol.

Noelle is obsessed with these play doh videos. This was how this whole thing started!

Different day, same activity.

Mom and dad finally had a very, very, overdue date night! Woot woot! We went to Osaka and devoured on the "Lovers Dinner for Two," which consisted of filet mignon, scallops, lobster, and shrimp! So delish! Every year it seems that it is one of my resolutions for us to get out together more as a couple, rather than parents. Still a goal we try to work towards all the time!

A mama and Halle selfie!

I got to sub at the MV Kindergarten Center twice this week, which was soooo awesome. It was so fun being with the little ones and being in the classroom setting. I actually was an aide in one of my high school classmates class, AND I got to assist in my former 5th grade teacher's class! It was unreal. And so, so fun. I enjoyed every minute. Every, hard, minute. LOL. Those kids give you a run for your money. (Crawling under tables, giving each other a million unnecessary hugs, tattling like crazy...) One little boy said to me, "I wish you were my mom." When I asked him why he said "Because you're beautiful. And I love your breath." LOL. I got so many hugs, so many "I love you Mrs. W!" and requests to come back - it was lovely.


Halle finally made it in for her overdue 6 month appointment, got 3 shots, and still came out of the office smiling. I seriously am the luckiest mom in the world for such a love bug! She is currently 90th percentile for her height, and 60th percentile for her weight! She's healthy as a horse! :) (And cute as a button!)

Here's Halle before her three shots. Poor baby! She did great though! Only suffered a mild fever the next day!

Noelle was a lucky girl and had a few play dates this week! She had a play date with Willow, which was fun! The girls played quite a bit with My Little Pony toys and drew pictures together. She also got to have a sleepover with her cousin Vivi - which is always a blast. Those two just love each other! They are at a funny age now because they fight, bicker, and boss each other around too. Lol. There's only room for one diva in this family!

Princess Noelle and Princess Viviana.

We also had a fun day on Saturday! Joey was busy moving the rest of our stuff with his brother, so I took the girls out for the day! It was a great, busy day. We filled it up with a trip to the store, dance class, Happy Meals for lunch, and then an afternoon at Country Sun Farm! It was a beautiful, great day.

Halle waiting and smiling at everyone while Noelle was in dance class.

Rounding out the week, Noelle had her first school pictures this morning! It was quite the workout this morning for me to get her dressed, but it will be worth it!! (Fingers crossed that she smiled!)

Picture day!

We're excited for this upcoming week - we have two Halloween parties and a Make 'N Take event! See you in a week!

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