October 13, 2014

Week In Review

Another week full of packing, unpacking, moving, and trying to get settled in to our new place! Between all of the work, there have been pockets of fun - especially on our new deck! (Our favorite place in the new house!)

Halle sporting her poncho and being adorable while mama cleans.

The deck!

On the new deck, enjoying the brisk fall day! Adorbs!

On Thursday we invited our cousins Nicole and (second cousin) Harrison over to play! Noelle and Harrison had SO much fun! It's so awesome when these two hang out because they used to be with each other all the time when they were younger. (I used to nanny Harrison from when he was 3 months+.) These two play so well together, and had so much fun running around the deck and the yard!

Harrison and Noelle eating some lunch! Cuties!

We also tried to get more settled into the new house by hanging up some of our own stuff, and decorating for the season! Here are Noelle's pumpkins and bats! :)

Love autumn! It's always been and will always be my favorite season!! 

The girls "playing." (More like Noelle harassing her younger sister.)

The girls just love playing in mama and daddy's new room, on our new king sized bed! 

Another crisp fall day outside! Yay for fresh air!

"I'm going to make you some cupcakes mama."

"On Wednesdays we wear pink."

I'm super excited because this week was the first time Noelle drew pictures that actually looked like something!! Usually her pictures are random shapes and squiggles but she actually drew some faces, that looked like faces!! Silly but I'm super proud, lol.

This one is kind of creepy, but I'm still so happy! Haha.

Happy Halle in her tubby!

Noelle also had so much fun with her cousin Parker who decided to stay overnight with us one night to play with Noelle. He would never admit it, but he just adores her and loves playing big brother! (He's the youngest in his family.) He plays dolls with her, school, and house, but if you ask him he will say he only stayed over to watch movies with Joey.

Being cute as ever. I love this booger.

One of the nights my good friend Heather stopped over and checked out our new pad, and also brought Noelle an early birthday present! Hello Kitty rain boots!!! Soooo cute! Thank you Heather! We love you!

Noelle also dabbled in potty training her Elsa and Anna dolls this week. I don't know how it happened, but while it was cute, it sure wasted a lot of toilet paper, lol. 

Yay!! Elsa did it! Now she get's M&M's...lol.

"They big girls too mama!"

Will you look at this kid? Always so happy.

Bee happy!! We'll see you next week!

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  1. Halle just kills me with those smiles!! She and Hudson would love each other... Let's get them together soon!


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