October 7, 2014

Week In Review

I get sad every time we move. Every. Time. I get attached to place we've lived and have a hard time leaving the house and the memories behind. This time was even worse! This of course was Noelle and Halle's first home, so it was really hard to pack up and leave. We started the moving process last weekend and got about 80% of our things moved. We spent a lot of time purging, creating SELL items, DONATE items, and TRASH! It was pretty chaotic! Noelle and Halle spent a lot of time with family so Joey and I could get every thing done. We also thankfully had help from our friends Gaotah and Jay moving the big furniture! - Thanks guys!!

On Sunday, Joey and I spent the day at Ikea getting some new things for the house, most noteworthy is the new king bed! Yay! We've never had a king, and boy, with how much our girls sleep with us, we need it. While Joey and I spent the day at the zoo that is Ikea, Halle stayed with Grandma Sue, and Noelle got to go to the pumpkin patch with her cousins! We're very thankful for family helping us at this time!

Our official last day at the townhouse is Oct. 31st, so we still have time to clean and empty the townhouse but with all our necessities at the new house, we are already sleeping there! Noelle and Halle are having very different reactions to the move. Halle is having a great time. She loves all the attention she is currently getting and loves all the windows at the new house. She seems more content there than at our last place! Noelle though is having a hard time! She has said repeatedly that she wants to go home, she wants to go back to her house, and that she doesn't want to stay at the new house. It's pretty sad, and we're trying to tell her that this IS her house, and that the other house is our old house. It will take some time, but hopefully she will like it soon. :(

We tried to keep things as normal as possible...not missing a day of dance or school, and still trying to fit in lots of play! We wanted the girls' schedules and routines to stay intact and not be disrupted by our move!

Halle teaching class with Grandma Shel. ;)

Too much fun at dance.

With her fan club.

After Saturday dance, enjoying the cooler weather!

To add to the chaotic week, yesterday was my first day subbing! I subbed at the legendary Chippewa Middle School, lol. I say that because it was my very own middle school, and the place where nightmares are made of. ;) All kidding aside, it was a really great experience and a good subbing day! I was with special education students all day of various needs (autism spectrum, EBD, physical needs, etc.). It was a very good day, and I bonded with one student in particular (to the point where he said that I was one of the only adults he's ever met that understands him)! I'm hoping for more great days around the district!

Getting into the Halloween spirit!


  1. So sweet!! Good luck with the move - it is always such a big process. Let me know if you need Myla and I to lift some heavy boxes... haha no, but if you need a babysitter for the girls at all, please feel free to ask!

  2. Obviously, near and dear to my heart is that kid telling you that you're the only adult who's ever understood him. THAT is amazing. And probably very, very true. Glad it went well!

    And I LOVE that picture of Halle teaching dance with Grandma!!! So stinking cute.

    Time will pass and Noelle will grow to love the new house. Congratulations on the big changes. It's all very exciting! And let me know if there's anything I can do! Once we get Elliot going in school, I'll be hauling my arse up to your new house to check it out :)


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