October 23, 2014

Traditions and Memories!

What a fun time in our lives...we have a (almost) 3 year old and a 6 month old. I can't believe it. Sometimes I just stop and think, whoa, I have TWO kids. I'm a MOM. Of TWO! It's unbelievable. I just love being a mom, a wife, and having my little family. Now that Noelle is getting older I've been thinking of all the fun traditions I want to start! She's at the perfect age to start these fun things!

Here are the things I cannot wait to start this upcoming year!!

1. Elf on the Shelf. We got Elf last year but she was a bit too young to understand the concept of her Elf. We read the book and she played with Elf, but I didn't get into hiding the Elf at all. We will this year though, and I'm giddy about it! (Nerd alert, lol.) If you haven't gotten your Elf yet, do it! How cute is this tradition?! Not that you don't know, but just in case you haven't heard, Elf on the Shelf is the cute little elf that hides in your house watching the kids for Santa, to make sure they are being nice and not naughty! He hides in a different spot each day! People get really creative with how their Elf is situated each morning, and it's so cute. Not only cute, but a nice way to make sure your kid is behaving! "Watch it! Elf is watching! He's going to report to Santa!" Not only that, but they make Elf in several skin tones, and also they make a girl elf now! CUTE!


2. The Birthday Fairy! Beginning with her third birthday (which is in a 1.5 weeks) I'm going to blow up balloons and scatter them on the floor of her bedroom while she's asleep for a fun surprise when she wakes up on her birthday morning! It's going to be a magic trip the "Birthday Fairy" has made for her! My sister in law does this for all 3 of her kids and have done it since they were itty bitty (the oldest is 9 now) and it's the cutest thing ever. They wake up to a festive bedroom and get so excited!

3. The Birthday Interview. Last year when she turned two I found a list of questions that I liked and I answered them for Noelle, with questions such as "What is your favorite color, animal, food, etc...." Now that she's older I can ask her the questions and she can answer them herself! I complied 20 questions this year and I'll ask her the same ones each year on her birthday! I'll do it with Halle too, when she's 3! Once we get to age 18, I will print the book out for them and give it to them for their birthday!

4. "Oh, the Places You'll Go" teacher book. At the end of this school year I'm going to have Noelle's teachers, Ms. Mary and Ms. Rita sign a book for her, as they are her first teachers. Each year I'll have her teacher's sign the book and give it to her on graduation night of high school! Same with Halle of course! :)

5. Art Books. Oh my goodness. The art. So. Much. Art. Between me (I'm crazy) and school my kids accumulate SO much art and my heart...I can't bear to throw anything away. However, I need to. I need to get over it and throw it away. There's too much!! What I plan on doing is taking pictures of all their artwork and then compiling it into a book (like one you can make on Shutterfly or Snapfish). It will save so much space, and will be so easy to look at years from now.

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  1. love these ideas! so sweet! my mom got myla the girl stuffed elf on the shelf last year for Christmas, I might give it a try this year.


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