October 19, 2014

MN Tot Spots: Country Sun Farm

Last year we discovered Country Sun Farm when we were cruising through Stillwater. I had stopped with Noelle and the two little boys I was nannying at the time, and we all LOVED it. We ended up going there twice last year for their Fall Festival. Now that we know all about it, we made sure to go again this year. This is seriously our favorite pumpkin patch! It really has everything - hay maze, hay rides, face painting, animals, treats, and so many photo opportunities! (You know this mama loves those!) This year we met some of our friends out there and enjoyed the gorgeous fall day!

Last year Noelle loved feeding the animals. That hasn't changed! 

So happy!

I think Noelle, literally fed every single animal there. I mean, she wouldn't stop! She requested more and more corn to feed the sheep, chicken, cows, goats, etc. We could have spent ALL day doing this!

Halle just chilled out in the Ergo next to mama and stayed nice and cozy during our 3 hour trip there!

My little tiger! Here's the same spot from last year:

And of course we had to take this picture!

Last year I couldn't get you to actually stand next to it, but you and Evan sure loved checking it out.

Here's Halle's first year next to it!

More feeding animals. (Seriously, you could not get enough.)

Here are a group of our friends that met us out there!

I was so, so excited because Noelle actually went in the corn pit!! Noelle, as everyone knows, does not like to get messy! She also doesn't like crowds, and is very intimidated by other kids at the playground! So I really didn't think she would like this. We were just going to test it out and give it a try! Well, to my surprise she LOVED it. I mean, LOVED. We spent near 40 minutes in here alone! I wasn't sure how I was going to get her out, lol.

She even climbed up this thing - something she would never do at the playground. Maybe the corn made her feel safe and cushioned?! 

In awe.

Happy Halle!

Then she requested this silly ride...THREE times. She had to ride each animal, lol. Oh boy.

Here's a video of Noelle on one of the other many coin rides she went on. (Too many to count. Geesh.)

Then mama's favorite - the hay ride!! Again, I was taken by surprise because Noelle NEVER wants to go on hay rides. She tells me that they are scary and too bumpy. I didn't even think we would be going on one, but she actually requested it! It was so pretty, relaxing, and fun!

We spent 3 hours there total, ending our day with the BEST mini donuts I've ever tasted (yes, even better than Tom Thumb). As soon as we got in the car, I felt the exhaustion. I said "Let's go home and take a nap now!" Noelle replied "I'm not tired," and fell asleep two minutes after. :)

It was a BEAUTIFUL, awesome, fall day!! We love fall and we love Country Sun Farm!! Can't wait for next year if we don't end up going again!

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