October 3, 2014

Leaves are Changing...So Are We!

The Wagner's are going through some MAJOR changes! As I had mentioned in an earlier post, we have been so, SO busy! Not to mention ill! It's been a lot to endure the last couple weeks!

First off, we are MOVING! We're super sad to say goodbye to our rental townhouse (both girls' first home), but it's for the best! We have outgrown the space, and we could be saving a lot of money towards a downpayment for our own place! We are moving into a house only a couple miles away from where we already are (thank goodness, for we LOVE where we are), and soon will have a large, fenced backyard, and a large deck! We will be sharing our home with Joey's mom and step dad who will have a bedroom downstairs in the basement. They have a space down there for their own appliances, as well as their own living room, and bathroom - Sue is calling it the "Mother-In-Law Suite."

While we are sad to be moving out of our own space and into a shared space, we are staying positive and looking on the bright side! This is a temporary plan, for us to get ahead, accomplish our goals, and save some money! It's been unpredictable and hard to live the life that we want for our kids, with me only working part time. However, that being said, without me finishing my Masters program and getting my teaching license, there is no full time work out there that would be worth paying childcare for. Not to mention, let's be honest, I want to be with my kids! This move will help us accomplish things such as: saving money, allowing me to finish school and my unpaid 4 month student teaching, and with Grandma Sue only a floor away, we have a baby sitter built in!

That brings us to our second big change; We need a baby sitter more frequently because I've accepted a new job position! I have accepted a position as a substitute teacher for Mounds View School District! I am thrilled!! Almost 2 weeks ago now, I had my training, paper work done, and got "official." This is a major thing for me because 1. we had moved back to this area, on purpose, because of the district. It is my dream for my daughters to go to MV, and for me to work for MV! 2. I'm one class away from getting my teaching license, and getting my foot in the door now will assist me in getting a teaching position with the district once I finish! We are very happy for this opportunity! I've gotten a phone call every day since the day I finished my paperwork, however I will not be doing this full time. Again, I want to spend much of my daughter's young years with them, so I'll be doing this part time (3 days per week).

The girls are doing great currently - Noelle is a little confused by the move -  Joey and I are trying our best to make all these changes transition fluidly and not disrupt the girls routines too much. While the changes will take some time to get used to, I'm hoping for the best with all of it! I'm excited to see where my new job as a sub takes me, as well as how this move will better our family! Besides saving lots of money, I think I'm really excited for the girls to live in a HOUSE! It's a lot more space, and I'm so excited for Noelle to get to play outside more frequently with the huge, fenced in back yard! It feels good to know that even if Joey and I make sacrifices, the girls only receive the benefits! Here's to a new chapter in our lives!

Goodbye townhouse! You've been good to us!


  1. Congratulations!!! On both the move and your job. Sounds like good changes for your family :)

  2. SWEEEEET! Congratulations Wagners! This is so awesome, Diana. I'm so happy and excited for you all. I am also so very jealous of the fenced in backyard :)


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