October 28, 2014

Happy Halle Is 7 Months!

Sweet Halle is 7 months now! She's following in her sister's footsteps by reaching all the same milestones as her sister did at this age! Halle can sit up all by herself, she can roll in all directions, and is starting to get a better grasp on her toys and finger foods! She also just started clapping her hands (whoa, Noelle didn't do this until 10-11 months), and also playing "SO BIG!"

Halle, matching Noelle at this age, has no teeth yet! I can't believe it! The way this child eats and is growing I'm surprised there are no teethers in there or even poking through! If she keeps following the same pattern as her sister, she won't get any teeth for a couple more months! But I suppose I'm in no hurry, I LOVE that gummy smile!!

She's our smiley angel! I've never seen such a happy baby before, and I'm so happy that baby is mine!! Halle fills our days with smiles, giggles, that gummy grin, and so many laughs. The only thing that makes her unhappy is not getting fed fast enough, or being left alone. She likes to be involved with everything and sitting next to us at all times. Sometimes it's rather needy, but she's so sweet and happy otherwise, it's hard to not oblige!

Halle is happiest in the morning, although it's not from a nice long night's sleep. This child still gets up 3+ times a night! Holy moly! She nurses throughout the night and usually is up between 2-3am completely alert and ready to party. It's exhausting! She wakes up super happy and smiley, but it's in the middle of the night! I find I usually just place toys around her in bed and she will play with them for almost an hour by herself while I lay there trying to sleep, then she will cry out, I nurse, then she goes back to sleep. We tried to sleep train her, but it didn't really work. She cried for hours, and while we knew we shouldn't give in, we (correction I) did because I couldn't deal with the screaming at night. Once during bedtime was one thing, but crying all night was another. Especially since all I have to do is nurse her and the house remains quiet, and she goes back to sleep. Yes, totally a pushover, but she's my last baby - and she's so, so good - I just can't let her scream!

I also have no idea why she nurse's so much at night because you would think the child was full from her day of feasting! She's eating way, way more than Noelle did at this age. She's tried everything, and loves it all. She has tried all veggies (like's everything but the peas), all fruits (loves it all), meats (likes them), and breads (loves). She loves my chicken wild rice soup, corn bread, pancakes, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and likes rice cereal mixed in with all her fruits (she likes the texture). The only thing I've fed her that she responded negatively to was yogurt. Other than that she seems to enjoy it all! Halle eats three solid meals per day, and nurses in between each solid meal, and a couple times more before bed. She's weighing in at 18 lbs, and you can feel it! She's getting so heavy!

Other things she enjoys: She loves Noelle's Little People toys. They are the perfect size for her to pick up, examine, and put in her mouth, lol. Noelle get's so mad. "Baby Halle is eating my Yittle Peepo!" Halle also loves being in The Ergo. She likes to be carried all the time and/or close to mama. She likes to play in her excersaucer and also her walker. She loves to eat. She likes her baths. She likes car rides. She started to just take a pacifier.

My first Halloween costume!

What Halle doesn't like: She doesn't like to be put down or left alone. She doesn't care for getting her face wiped. She doesn't usually like getting changed either, but that's always hit or miss because if she has something in her hands to distract her, she's fine. 

Mama loves you so much my little belly!! Happy 7 months angel pie. 

Week in Review: Halloween Part I

Here I go again, falling behind on posting on time! Oh well, life get's in the way - can't complain! We had a SUPER fun pre-Halloween week with tons and tons of Halloween related activities! I just love Halloween, it's so fun to dress up, get treats, and celebrate all things spooky and fall! Basically the time between Halloween and New Year's is my favorite! Holidays are so fun! 

We celebrated by having a pumpkin carving party with our friends The Mikkelson's and The Pound's at Dawn and Willow's house. The kids had so much fun eating their Halloween treats, playing, watching Halloween themed shows, and helping Grandpa Mark (Willow's grandpa) carve pumpkins! They thought they were so helpful with their plastic knives! LOL

The closest thing we could get to a group picture, lol. 

H Squared. (Hudson and Halle!)

Belly enjoying her first Halloween!

This is pretty typical. Willow getting her hands dirty, Gavin interrogating, and Noelle observing (with her shoes on the wrong feet). 

Here's a video of Brian, Dawn's brother scaring the kids with his werewolf costume! He actually didn't mean to scare them, he thought they would like it. Lol. 

We also celebrated Halloween by getting to wear our costumes to dance class! Since Noelle has dance twice a week, she get's to wear her costume twice! This was from Saturday's class. :)

Check on Minnie, front and center, with her hands on her hips!

Here we are all ready before The Annual Larkin Halloween Party!

Vivi and Noelle at the party!

Moo and oink!

Noelle's Saturday morning teacher, Miss Melanie's family (The Birkeland's have) been with the Larkin family for decades! They are close friends with the Larkin's and host an amazing Halloween party each year at their greenhouse in Maplewood for the kiddos. They go all out with games, prizes, tons of good food, a DJ, hay rides, and a haunted trick or treating trail! The kids are so lucky and have so much fun.

Noelle had her eye on the Show White bear the WHOLE time she was in line. She stared it down and kept on telling me she wanted it. So you can imagine her thrill when she won it! So glad I captured this snapshot right in time! :) 

Thank goodness for cousins. On our way to the hay ride!

Here we go!

Auntie Susan, aka the baby whisperer.

She got so much candy from trick or treating at the party she really doesn't even need to go trick or treating again! Although we will, lol. No worries, mama and daddy will help get rid of that candy! ;)

While the moms were with the kids, the dads were boozing at the bar next door! (Country Lounge, also owned by the Birkeland family.)

Noelle and daddy. So cute.

Grandma Shel!

My costume. :) (Can you say easy? Dollar store cape + iron on letters from the craft store!)

We took a break from costumes and went nakey for a bit! lol. These two.

Noelle also had her first preschool Halloween party! They made Halloween crafts, decorated Halloween cookies, sang three Halloween songs for the parents, and then we trick or treated through the community center! So very cute, and sweet!

Showing me the treat bag she decorated. 

Let's go get more candy! (We need to make an appointment with our dentist. LOL.)


Miss Mary!

Another day at the studio! This time sans the ears! (This was actually the day she got her costume, and she wanted to try it on! This costume is actually for sale at Larkin Dance Studio - $10 clearance! There are tons!!!)

We also had a fun date with our friend Oliver this week! We're excited to see him again this upcoming Saturday, for our Halloween playdate!

We continued our fall festivities with making some homemade blueberry muffins! Yum yum!

Another Halloween outfit! (We might have a few too many, lol.)

We had a super fun week! It was so busy and jam packed with all things Halloween! We can't wait to come back next week and share all the fun things we are doing this week - Halloween Part II!
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