September 29, 2014

Week In Review

The Wagner house was under quarantine for most of the week because we were STILL sick from the following week! While Halle and Noelle were on the recovery end, Joey still had on and off migraines, and I came down with the sinus infection, which turned into bronchitis. It was a rough week. (Especially since I still went into training for a new additional work position, which I will talk about soon, AND we are - drumroll- moving, something else I will talk about soon!)

With our friends, Willow, Dawn, Allie, and Charlie.

The week was full of the same - preschool, dance, Target runs. On Saturday we celebrated our friend Gavin's 3rd Birthday at the Monkey House in Maplewood. Noelle has been there twice before, not really liking it either time. I figured she was older now and would maybe try out the inflatables, but I was wrong. She still doesn't like it, lol. However, she had tons of fun with her friends, ate a whole slice of pizza (this is a big deal for her haha), had cake, and beamed from ear to ear when we sang Happy Birthday to Gavin! She LOVES birthdays, and she was super excited to give Gavin his gift. (A car transporter that she stared at and talked about giving to Gavin all week.) 

While she doesn't care for the inflatables, she LOVED the noodle pit. (What happened to the foam blocks? lol)

Gavin and Noelle!

Conga line? Hehe.

 It was a really great time! Noelle told me it was her favorite part of her day, which is big, considering we also went to Toys R Us that day. ;) Haha.

New back pack and lunch bag!

 With her new bestie, Share Bear.

We moved throughout the store and sampled a bit of everything...with Share Bear.

On Sunday we had family pictures and because I am the lamest person ever (I don't know how to braid), I took Noelle to Kids Hair to get her hair done. Noelle was super into it though, and kept on saying she was getting "Anna hair" (from Frozen). It was so, so cute. She loves being pampered. Getting her hair done, and her nails done, are right up her alley and she behaves SO well and sits SO still. Pretty impressed with her patience for only (almost) 3 years old!

Getting curls!

After Kid Hair, she and I did a little Marshalls browsing. Sunday ritual.

Just a cute picture from the week. I love this outfit. (We got the collection from Gap last year. Comes with a cheetah print skirt as well as three more matching tops. Adorbs.)

 Not a super clear picture since it was on my cell, but I love it because it's daddy with his girls!

Still loving every bit of preschool!

Trader Joe's with mama.


 The girls at dance with Grandpa Joe and Grandma Shel!

One of my favorite leotards!

Next week will hopefully bring health back into our lives, and maybe we will get out and do more fun things! Looking forward to hitting up some apple orchards and pumpkin patches as fall is now underway! 

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