September 8, 2014

Week in Review

WOW! Can you talk about being behind!? I usually post our week in review posts on Fridays, and here we are, on Monday already! We've been SO busy with the end of summer, start of fall! Here's a very quick peek at what the Wagner's were up to last week!

Noelle and Joey went up to the cabin over Labor Day weekend with Grandma Sue, Don, The Holmboes, and the (other) Wagners! Halle and I stayed home for some precious bonding time, and sleep training!

Last summer weekend up at the cabin getting ice cream at Malmo!

While daddy and Noelle bonded, Halle and I had a special weekend too!

Nothing like some mama and me selfies.

Enjoying the great outdoors, on our many walks last weekend!

When Noelle and Joey came back, Noelle and I spent the very last day of our summer at Oak Hill Splash Pad with our friends Jess, Zoe, and Will! More about that special date, here!

We took our little starlet to the mall for some "Back to School shopping." More like "First time to School shopping." :)

We ended our summer with some cotton candy Dip 'N Dots!

On Tuesday we started dance! First year as a real Larkin dancer! Woot woot!

Halle hanging out in the studio, waiting for Noelle to get out of class. :)

Sassy girl! Get it! 

Supporting Grandpa Joe's band!

Noelle also got a very special treat from Grandma Shel for "Back to School..." her first salon manicure and pedicure! Fancy girl!

She sat so still for her nails to be painted!

Lovin' it!

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