September 16, 2014

Week in Review; First Week of School

Oh goodness. It looks like our 'Week in Review' posts will now be circulating from Mondays to Mondays! It's amazing that fall has only just started and we are already so busy! With birthdays, family events, play dates,'s not as easy to catch up at the end of the week! 

Last week was a big week for us at the Wagner household...Noelle started school! Yes, it was pre-pre-school, lol, but it's school nonetheless. Noelle is enrolled at Kids Corner Preschool twice a week, and so far, so good! Including yesterday, she has been to school three times now. She's doing great! I anticipated a horrible, dramatic drop-off the first day (or even the first month), but instead she surprised me and went full force into the classroom with no issues. Not to say getting there was easy, but once she was there, she was fine. (Totally sounds like Joey. He never wants to do anything or go anywhere, but once you get him there, he's fine.)

This is what my diva child decided to wear for her preschool orientation. She's near three now, and she's just SO independent and opinionated! She won't let me choose her outfits or even give her choices! So anyways, we went to meet her teachers dressed as a southern belle. LOL (This cute dress is from Pout in Pink!)

Miss Sassy following the leap pads to find her classroom! (And daddy and Halle!)

Meeting her teachers!

Having fun at orientation!

The first day of real class Noelle was a hot mess. She had talked all night the night prior on how she was going to go to school. Then morning comes and it's all "NO SCHOOL. NO PANTS. I DON'T WANT SCHOOL! I STAY HOME. I NOT GO!!!" It took an hour for us to get dressed and eat breakfast, and another hour to actually motivate out of the house. It was exhausting! Then she got there and said "Bye mama!" The girl is trying to kill me! Second day of class was similar, the morning was full of screams about getting dressed and not wanting to leave, then the second she got there she ran in with smiles and never looked back. Yesterday morning, it was smooth sailing. She repeated that she wanted to stay home but once I started talking about Ms. Mary, she was super excited to go see her. 

Here's a horrible, blurry, cell phone picture of Noelle on her first day of school! I made one of those cute 'first day' signs, but she crumpled it up and threw it across the room. I was so bummed! I never did get to recreate that moment, but that's okay, because what matters is she loved school!

Jumping right into play, she couldn't get rid of me fast enough! "Ok. Bye mama!"

Halle was excited too...finally some Halle and mama time! :)

Here she is after pick up on her first day! So happy!

She also started her second dance class. (Yes, she's in two classes!) 
 Look at how cute these little chicklets are! Noelle's in the front row, center, all ears on Miss Melanie!

Noelle's #1 Fan!

Halle was also all ready for dance...

This is her take on the classic black leotard and pink tights...Hehe.

Besides Noelle starting school, we spent the week celebrating other things. Like my birthday! Not that it really means anything to me, but it was my birthday last Monday! We went out for a family brunch to also celebrate Ray and Staci's birthdays. We all have birthdays the first week of September!

 Gracie, Noelle, Staci, and Halle at brunch at Guldens.

Making mama pink pancakes on my birthday!

Noelle also had a play date with Anya, who she just adores. She talks about her constantly and it's so fun to see them interact together. It's so awesome that they are friends now and play, since in some ways Anya feels like my first kid, lol. (I used to be Anya's nanny.)

Halle and I also spent some time together as Noelle is in class 4x a week now! Granted, this time is usually spent getting stuff done, but Halle does get a few more kisses, hugs, and pictures during this time! I realized how little I take pictures of Halle and videos, compared to Noelle when she was that age, and I want to correct that ASAP! 

Another big thing last week? Joey went out of town for 4 days! Joey, Cory, Nik, and Erin went to Florida to visit Uncle Mike. More about that here.

 While daddy was gone, the girls bunked with me a lot. At first it was really cute. That got old, fast. Lol. I was exhausted after getting kicked in the ribs, smashed in the face, etc. Plus the girls took turns waking up all night. Geesh! 

 I had a good weekend alone with the girls, however, we all ended up getting colds! It made for a couple hard days there towards the end. We were very, very happy when daddy came home!

Being a cheeseball, and going out in public in our pajamas because mama is exhausted, and doesn't care.

 I overheard Noelle talking to Olaf: You tired Olaf? Okay! You can sleep in my hands. Like a baby.

Noelle all excited yesterday when she got to school because her picture was on her cubby! Hehe. Cutie.

Whew! Big week! See you next week!

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