September 18, 2014

Top Books For Soon To Be Older Siblings

When I found out I was pregnant again for round 2, I knew we were going to have to prep our dear Noelle, since she was very fond of being an only child. Since she is a lover of books, I thought one of the most gentle ways to ease her into the transition was by reading books about it. We ended up finding a whole slew of books on the topic, and here are my top picks! (We still own several of these books and STILL read them!)

1. Baby and Me by Emma Dodd. The main reason why this book was so cool was because it was interactive. In the book the girl's mother has a new baby, therefore the girl plays with her baby doll and mimics what her mom does. Your child can actually play with the book and "rock the baby," feed the baby a bottle, push her with a stroller, etc. It's super cute and fun! This started Noelle's ease into the whole idea and she started playing with her baby dolls more.

2. I'm a Big Sister by Joanna Cole. This one was nice since Noelle could relate to it. I told her from an early start that she was a big sister and that the baby inside of mama was Noelle's baby. She was protective of my tummy for a long time, lol.

3. The New Baby by Mercer Mayer. Noelle LOVES Little Critter books, so this was a given. If your kid loves Little Critter too, than this is a fun one since they can relate to one of their favorite literacy characters. Another good one is 4. Big Sister Dora for your Dora lover.

5. Waiting for Baby by Rachel Fuller. This book was fun because it show's the little boy helping his mom shop for the baby, get the nursery ready, and they talk about what the baby may like or dislike. Being a big sibling isn't just something that happens, but also something that very much involves the older child, so it's important to include them. After reading this, I tried all the time to keep Noelle involved with my pregnancy.

6. Hello Baby by Lizzy Rockwell. Oh my gosh!!! This was Noelle, mine, and Joey's FAVORITE book while I was pregnant with Halle. It almost brings tears to my eyes. I had found this book randomly for free, in a pile of used, unwanted books. It was torn, used, and rough around the edges but we took it home to read. It was wonderful. It showed the little boy going with his mom to the doctor's office to hear the baby's heartbeat, and also showed the mom's tummy growing larger and larger (and "baby getting bigger and bigger," Noelle would always say). Then the baby comes and it would have pictures of how to dress the new baby, and how the baby would cry, and so forth. It was one of the most detailed, yet kid friendly books I had ever seen on the subject. We loved it. Noelle literally would sleep with this book and read it all the time. She always called the baby in the book "Baby Halle." She could relate to the book first hand because I would actually bring her to my doctor appointments (the joy of not having a babysitter eh?) and she would say "Just like my book!" This is definitely a book I'm going to keep and cherish forever.

7. I'm A Big Sister by Renee Randall. This one I found for a couple books at Marshalls and it ended up being a great score because the girl's name in the book was Ellie, and that happens to be Noelle's cousins name. So we would pretend the book was about Ellie and Ava (her cousins) and it made sense to her that Ellie was Ava's big sister. It's a sweet book with the older sister asking to help the mom and dad a lot with baby duty.

8. My New Baby by Rachel Fuller. This book illustrates the simple things that babies do with simple sentences like "Is baby hungry?" and then a picture of the mom breastfeeding. I liked this book because it normalized breastfeeding. You don't want to raise a bunch of questions when your boobs are all of a sudden out all the time when baby comes. It's better to have already discussed through illustrations in kid books what that whole thing is all about, lol.

Of course, there are tons and tons of books on this topic! They are probably all great and will do the trick, but these were the ones we used and loved!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I will definitely be on the look for these when that time comes!


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