September 4, 2014

MN Tot Spots: Oak Hill Park Splash Pad

This past Labor Day we spent the very last day of summer at Oak Hill Park Splash Pad! It's right over by our friend Jessie's house, so we went with her and her kids Zoe and Will. I wish I had made the trek out to St. Louis Park earlier in the summer to come here, because it's awesome! Not only is the actual splash pad really clean, big, and nice, but the rest of the park is great too. There's 2 playgrounds there - one geared towards younger kids, lots of public restrooms (NOT porta-potties!), and picnic areas.

Gangster pose.

Noelle and Will were so excited and running around everywhere.

Starting to become such a big girl, climbing on things you would have never before!

I knew there were a few splash pads further out from our neighborhood, but never made the trek but now wish I would have. Although Noelle didn't enjoy everything the splash pad had to offer (she was afraid of getting water hosed in her face), she was obsessed with these sprouts of water. She played here for a good hour before I dragged her to the car.

 Noelle didn't need much but a couple cups and buckets to fill over and over. 

We will have to come back next year, as they close September 7th! Next year, Halle will join in on the fun!

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