September 22, 2014

MN Tot Spots; The Renaissance Festival

I'm not writing a normal "Week In Review" this week because it just was not as eventful as past weeks...mainly because we were all sick! The Wagner clan all came down with the cold! Nolle came home with it first, and quickly the rest of us got the sniffles, sneezes, and coughs. We spent most of the week indoors coloring, napping, and watching Tinkerbell movies.

Sunday was a blast though. Noelle and I still had our colds but we were definitely feeling better. We were lucky enough to get free tickets to go to the Renaissance Festival, so we headed out to Shakopee for the day to have a daughter/mama date while daddy and Halle stayed home. I have never been to the Festival before so I was pretty excited. Noelle was too. I had informed her there would be princesses, princes, knights, mermaids, and fairies so she was pumped! 

Noelle and I left our house at 10 am and it took nearly 45 minutes to get to the Festival...for future reference we will definitely be coming earlier! Parking was a zoo, and we were nearly parked 2 miles away! Also for future reference? Take the shuttle bus! (We hiked up that looong hill. Noelle called it a mountain, I didn't correct her.) Upon arrival Noelle and I were mesmerized instantly! It looked like we literally stepped back in time! Noelle kept referring it to "Rapunzel's Kingdom." I went with it, because it did look like Rapunzel's Kingdom, lol. We met our friends Jessie and Zoe there too. Both girls dressed as their favorite princesses (Noelle as Anna, Zoe has Rapunzel)- it was adorable.

The first thing we had to experience was right near the entrance; Mermaid's Cove. Noelle and I were so excited! Head's up though, the wait was rather lengthy! We waited probably 10-15 minutes to get into the Cove, but it was worth it. They had a few mermaids hanging out in the cove, an done swimming in a tank. There was also a pirate in there too, keeping the mermaids hostage ;)

Princess Anna waiting in line. 

Noelle was so taken aback by seeing the mermaids that she froze! She didn't stop talking about them all day after that though. She wanted to go back towards the end of the day but the line was way too long then!

Zoe was braver than Noelle and went up to the mermaids to ask them questions, and also to touch them, lol. The girls thought they were in Disneyland.

Noelle was into spying on the pirates next door who were singing and dancing a jig in the bar.

This mermaid at the end gave each girl a little treasure from her chest to bring home - Noelle got a sparkly green gem to add to her jewels at home. :) Noelle thought it was amazing.

What does the fox say? This lady fox didn't say anything but she did give the girls a cute little paw print stamp on the hand.

Snow White's wishing well! 

We loved the Renaissance! It was so cute. I loved how it was like we stepped into a fairy tale! They had lots of shows all over the place for free - fire jugglers, belly dancing, etc. There was so much good food dumplings, popovers, cinnamon rolls, turkey legs, garlic fries, yummy chicken wild rice soup in bread bowls, lots of beer and wine, and lots of chocolate! There was more, but those were my favorite things! (In the picture above you can see Zoe and Jessie making their way through the crowd to get a turkey leg!)

 Robin Hood's forest!

 Our favorite place. :)

 This fairy sprinkled fairy dust on Noelle! Magical! :)


 Zoe asking the fairies all sorts of questions!

 Noelle outside of the Fairy Wing Forest, looking for Tinkerbell's house. 

Zoe making the "Mechanical Man" move. I'm not going to lie, this was scary. lol

My cautious little girl, watching from a safe distance.

 If you ask Noelle, she will tell you the Butterfly ride was her FAVORITE thing from the whole day! Awesome for a girl who never likes rides!


 This ride, like all the rides there, are not run on electricity but by people. In the middle of this ride are two people physically pushing the swings in a circle! So neat!

Enjoying some ice cream!

Jessie and Zoe!

They had an awesome Kid's Corner, which was filled with stuff for little ones. Here, Noelle is getting a wand made by this nice Sir. They had ballon animals, the free wand making, free pirate hats, coloring, stickers, and so on. 

 She loved her pink kitty balloon! The talented balloon man could make anything - unicorns, puppies, butterflies, swans, turtles, etc. Noelle asked for "Hello Kitty," in pink of course.

 This random, huge, turtle was pretty cool. Haha.

Strolling through the village. ;)

They had elephant, pony, camel, and llama rides! It was fairly cheap too. 

 Noelle and I paid for her to go on a pony but at last minute she freaked out. That's okay! Next year! :)

 Petting zoo!

 For an end of the day treat Noelle and I split a huge Oreo cupcake from the bakery! :) Didn't know they had those back in the day? Hehe.

 The wishing pond.

What an awesome day. Noelle and I had SO much fun. It was seriously a day fit for a princess. We cannot wait to go again next year!!

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