September 17, 2014

How To: Throw an Elmo Birthday Brunch!

Event: Birthday Party.
Theme: Elmo because Noelle LOVED Elmo when she was turning 2 years old. I also had the idea that since we would be serving breakfast foods that the kids could wear their pajamas. I made everything pink and purple to match Noelle's pink and purple Elmo pajamas.
Guests: 40
Location: Shoreview Community Center

Decor: I got off the hook so easy for this birthday party! I easily got dollar store balloons in pink, purple, and Elmo all for a dollar each! The tablecloths were from Wal-Mart (cheaper than the party store or even from a wholesaler) at .97 cents each and I created centerpieces from various Elmo toys we had around the house, and purple and pink boas from the dollar store.

Food: I had a budget of $100 total for food, since the year before we had gone way over budget on food. I was determined not to go a penny over, and didn't! For $100 I got more than enough, all from Wal-Mart! I went crazy on the bagels (all Thomas brands - no generic), different breads, muffins, donut holes, fruit, and cereal. I also tossed a few of the fruit/veggie pouches for the younger kids. I also found that all the paper products were cheapest in value packs from Party City, but skipped on their colored flatware for much cheaper ones from Target.

We rented out a room from the Shoreview Community Center, just like we had the year before, and this year I made sure that we got a room with counter space. I used this space to create a toasting station. I brought in our toaster so that everyone could toast their bagels! It was a great idea and I'm pretty sure everyone toasted their bagels! We had 5 different types of cream cheese, peanut butter, and also just butter for people to choose from.

I got these cute little bowls from Wal-Mart for under $2 each.

 I usually start looking through clearance items months before a party, and I found these sturdy pink plastic plates on clearance at Party City. I used a Sharpie to label the different treats on them!

Since we were serving breakfast we had a drink station complete with coffee (Honduras from Dunn Bros.), a couple creamers, orange juice, milk, and water!

Favors: For the kids, I got each child a fun sippy cup from the party store and then filled them up with little treats (bubbles, bouncy balls, slinkies, tattoos, silly putty). Roughly each favor came out to be about $3 a piece. The cups were the best because not only could they use them at the party (we wrote each child's name on them with a dry erase marker) but they could bring them home to keep. We have since tossed our own cup, but Noelle still loves the crazy straw that came with it.

Cake: Instead of a traditional cake, we went for a donut cake since it was a brunch party. This went over well! We didn't go home with any leftovers! Not only that but it was fun and cute. Very cheap too! (I simply got two dozen donuts and stacked them!)

Guestbook: To keep with the pajama/breakfast theme I had everyone sign a pillowcase for Noelle with fabric markers. After the party I tossed it in the dryer to set it, and now she can use it and everyone's notes won't wash away!

Activities: Since the kids we're older we brought in a few toys for them to play with that are more age appropriate - a slide,  a tunnel, etc. but since they aren't THAT old yet we skipped games and planned activities. The party was simple and the kids had a blast. They were hyped up on donut holes, and loved the punch balloons that Joey got!

Another great party for my girly! This year's will prove to be harder as she is turning three and will start having activities at her parties! Eek! This Elmo party was a breeze to plan, purchase for, and do! Hoping this years goes as smoothly and easily!

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