September 29, 2014

Happy Half Birthday Halle!!

Little Belly is 6 Months today! Oh sweetums, how we love you!

You are definitely the apple in our eyes. You are the sweetest, happiest, little thing! Always smiling and easy going!

You have tried everything in terms of fruits and veggies, and you love them all. You've also tried quinoa, rice, oatmeal, and some soft crackers. You loved all those too. You are just our little piglet!!

Mama's proud to say that you are still exclusively breastfed, and we haven't had to supplement with any formula! This is great, because I wasn't sure if I would make it with all the pumping demands and experiencing D-MER. I'm so happy to see how healthy and happy you are on mama's milk!

You are starting to sleep decently too. Mama used to get up very often with you, about 3-4 times a night to nurse. We moved you out of our bedroom because we weren't getting much sleep and now you sleep better yourself away from us. We let you cry it out a little bit on your own because we just don't think you needed to nurse that often at your age, especially with the introduction of solids. You now sleep from about 9 pm - 2ish am, nurse, then sleep again until about 6 am. If I'm lucky I can nurse you at 6, and you return to sleep until about 8 or 8:30. Sometimes you are just awake and ready to go at 6, which hurts my soul, but hopefully it won't stay this way forever! (Mama and Noelle are NOT morning people!)

You are a creature of habit. You get feisty and fussy every day at 8:45 pm almost on the dot! If we are at home and smart about it, I'll usually have you getting ready for bed at 8, so the fussiness never even happens. However, especially with summer, there have been plenty of nights that we were still going into the evening (out to eat, playing outside, etc.) sure let us know how you felt about it. We always knew once you started fussing that it was 8:45 or close to it!

You love pretty much everything. Your temperament is so sweet and chill. You love to be held and cuddled. You'd rather be sitting up in someone's lap to see what's going on. You still want to be included in every single thing. You never want to miss a thing. You observe, observe, observe. You love to watch mom, dad, and especially Noelle. You like your excersaucer, your jumper, and your Bumbo! You like the Bumbo the most because it usually means that you can see everything, and/or it means your about to be fed!

You JUST started taking a pacifier! Hallelujah! I shouldn't be encouraging the use of a paci, but my goodness does it make life easier on mama and daddy! When you get fussy or get up at night, sticking that paci in your mouth can do wonders! You used to never take it, so every time you were fussy we just had to let you cry it out, or I had to nurse you to calm you down. Now that you use the paci, you are able to soothe yourself. YAY! (We will see how I feel about this a year from now when I can't tear the thing out of your mouth - I thought Noelle was going to go to college with hers.)

You also have an attachment to your Blue's Clues blanket. It's a really ugly blanket that we randomly got from a friend. Lol. It's not particularly soft, noticeably used, definitely not cute, and we don't even like Blue's Clues in this house...but it's the blanket that you love. It's a comfort item for you, and you seem to sleep much better with it. It's also a small blanket so I feel safe about you sleeping with it since it won't smother you or wrap around your head. I got you so many other, cuter, loveys (what we call these little wee blankies) but you prefer this ugly one. Lol. That's okay. Whatever your heart desires.

You are just so special to us. We love you so deeply Halle! Happy 6 Months Darling!!

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