August 8, 2014

Week in Review

This week was a fun one, full of family! Monday, Noelle got to spend time with her cousins Gracie and Ellie, who came over and gave Noelle a "Little Mermaid" photo shoot. 

One of the nights Joey, the girls, and I went to Rosedale mall to walk around and discovered Noelle's new favorite store, "Claire's." I haven't been in that store of YEARS so it was really fun. They have all of Noelle's favorites: Hello Kitty, Disney Princess, Minnie Mouse, Sophia Grace & Rosie, etc. We were stuck in that store for quite some time!

Mama and Noelle trying on our Hello Kitty glasses!

Back at home, singing on her stage.

 Lot's of dress up this week.

My littlest mermaid!

Noelle reading books to Halle this week before bed.

Noelle waiting for her finger nail polish to dry. :)

We also did her toes. Noelle and I went and picked out some polishes at the store, and she picked this blue one, which she calls "Elsa polish."

Too much fun with my girls. I cherish my days home with them!

One night we went out for burgers and ice cream with Grandma Shel. 

Fro yo!

 Deep conversation.

We had a lot of fun playing this week too. Noelle is currently obsessed with weddings. Ever since she went shopping with me for a dress for my brother's wedding, all she talks about is weddings. I showed her some wedding videos on the computer and now she wants all her dolls to wed. Having a girl is too much fun.

On Tuesday night we went for a late walk to the park and played. It was a beautiful night and we had so much fun. I love, love, LOVE family dates. 

As Noelle and Joey played on the playground, Halle and I swung. 

Noelle picking out polish.

Wednesday Noelle wore her Pinkilicious outfit over to Vivi's house for a playdate!

My butter ball!

 Chilling with Gracie.

Making pink and purple pancakes for breakfast with mama on Thursday morning.

Skinny dipping in Gracie's pool!

Noelle and Ellie.

Noelle practicing her dance moves.

Here are my peeps, Noelle, Joey, niece Ava, and Halle hanging out tonight before bed. Ava is sleeping over with Noelle. :) What a great family week.

Friday night's popsicle! Ending the week on a sweet note!

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