August 22, 2014

Week In Review

This wasn't a terribly exciting week for us but we did manage to get out a little bit to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. It's hard to appreciate how beautiful the day LOOKS when it FEELS so icky! (It's been a very humid, muggy, hot week!) We did get out and enjoyed the Linden Hills neighborhood on Wednesday though, which was super nice and fun.

Gaotah came out with us and we traveled to the neighborhood to actually go check out I Heart Kid's Art. I had mentioned earlier this summer that it was on our summer bucket list to go there. However, we were vastly disappointed when we got there to find out they were closed! And I don't mean closed for the day, but closed - as in out of business! Their signs are still up and their websites are still online, without any information or notice of the place closing, so that was a little inconvenient as well as sad! We were really looking forward to it! However, we lucked out because the neighborhood is chalk full of other kid places to go to. Besides, it's a beautiful neighborhood and we had a nice stroll!

What do you mean they are CLOSED?

We discovered this really cool place called Heartfelt, that I had never heard of before. The place is so cute! It's a kid's craft store that also has toys, books, and offers classes. It's totally deserving of it's own post! Above, Noelle is playing with some of the handmade toys that they have there!

Then we headed across the street to Creative Kidstuff to play and browse! I have to say the trampoline, and the bubble machine outside were Noelle's favorite things there. Love that store.

The Linden Hills neighborhood is so nice. They have a nice library there too, and lots of bakeries with patios. 

Here is Gaotah and Noelle, before ordering our breakfast (for lunch).

Noelle LOVES her Gaotah!

Halle had a good week! I introduced her to apples as well as rice rusks! She just loves to chow down!! 

On Thursday we decided to go to Petco to just walk around and look at the animals, before running other errands. Noelle wore a princess dress and tiara out in public that day. I had no energy to fight that battle and decided, what the hell, wear whatever your heart desires! We have bigger problems, lol. 

After Gaotah showed her a couple days earlier how to listen for the ocean in a shell, now Noelle does it all the time. She found some shells over in the aquarium section of the store and decided to listen for the little mermaid! :)

Joey finally caved in and got on the boat shoe bandwagon, so now all 4 of us have Sperry's! I love being cheesy and matching my family!

We've also made it a point to get to a story time at one of the Ramsey libraries each week to get out of the house and socialize. It's also fun to get new books and movies each week! Noelle got very comfortable there this week - even taking her shoes off! What a goofball!!

I had to break out the headphones this week because sometimes mom just needs a break from the Disney songs. LOL. These haven't been used since Noelle went on the airplane trip with me over a year ago, but man, they are great. I don't know why I haven't taken these out sooner. 

Last night, Joey and the girls goofing off before bed. I love my family.

Noelle reading books to Halle before bedtime. :)

Peace out! See you next week!

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