August 15, 2014

Week in Review

Each passing week of this summer has been awesome, really. I feel like we have spent a lot of time together, just enjoying, and getting together with family. It's been so wonderful. I count my blessings that Joey and I can split our working hours so that our kids can always be with us. I LOVE my days with these girls. Yes, they can drive me completely crazy, but at the end of the day, I loved being with them and I couldn't imagine not spending my mornings with them.

Can you believe this funny picture? She's so perfect, it looks like she was photoshopped into this picture, lol. 

We spent more time playing dress up. This is her dog Truman, looking very ferocious and deadly. 

Princess looking out of her tower.

Painting Gracie's toes! This is just about her favorite thing to do; give other people pedicures! Haha. And she's actually pretty good!

Noelle makes me smile. 

Halle's first time on the swings!!! Gosh, I LOVE this girl!

We were going on a hike. She asked me if she could bring this stick home. I had to decline that request.

Picture of summer! Evening strolls and popsicles!

 We went to Freestyle Yogurt with Grandma Shel and Ava Wednesday night. Yummy!

Thursday we went to the Roseville library. "Look mama, I'm as tall as the horsey!"


We played outside in the library's reading garden. We love this space.

Noelle running after some of the other girls there.

Just making herself right at home, lol.

 Halle enjoyed the library too. :)

Here Noelle was devastated because "the lady drove over the caterpillar! Now I can't see his head!" Here she's sulking on the curb in the parking lot, haha. My sweetie.

We also made a pizza together this week. :)


Friday morning we went to Tamarack Nature Center. One of our favorite spots, ever!

Then we ended our fun Friday with a trip to McDonald's with Grandma Sue, Great Grandma Libby, Parker, and Ellie!

Peace out and see you next week!

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  1. Sweet as can be! Let's do another playdate soon!


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