August 1, 2014

Week in Review

My honey buns and I flying back home on Monday morning! 

Look at my lil world traveler!

So excited to go home!

Loved coming home to this darling!!! (Who is currently obsessed with Hello Kitty!)

Here are some pictures from last weekend when Noelle and Joey went to the Slice of Shoreview while Halle and I were frolicking in Texas:
Look at my girl, going on rides! Only a few months ago Miss Noelle wouldn't go on one ride without tears, screaming, protests, and sooo much hesitation! We never pushed her onto rides since she never wanted to go on them. However Joey said she not only wanted to go on rides at the Slice, but she LOVED it! (Despite the lack of smile in these pictures, lol.) Yay! 


Noelle and Joey actually went to the Slice twice! They returned for fireworks and some mini donuts on Saturday night! What a sweet daddy/daughter date!

My baby.

We didn't do too much this week after Halle and I got home. We were just so excited to be back in MN, back in our home, and back with our fam! I spent most of the week playing with these two cuties, we went to the library, and played lots of dress up. :)

Look at this face! <3

Love my girls more than anything.


Real request: "Mama, can you take a picture of me and the little me-maid?"

My little babes going for a walk in her stroller! She's now large enough to sit in this! Can't believe it. 

Trips to the park with big cousins are the best!

More park time!

Sleepover with cousin Ava!

Being my sassy little princess.

Trip to our favorite ice cream joint: Raz's!

Hope everyone else had as great of a week as we did! See ya next week! :)


  1. Hey Diana! Its Brook!! Just checking out your page. Congrats on having a new baby girl! So happy for you, you have such a beautiful family! I'm 4 mos. Pregnant now. So we are very excited! Enjoyed your pics take care :)

    1. So happy to hear from you! Add me on instagram! dnnwagner CANNOT WAIT TO CATCH UP!! So excited for your pregnancy! Congrats!


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