August 29, 2014


This week was the very last week of summer! Boo hoo...
Because it was the last hurrah, we jam packed the week with tons of fun!

We enjoyed the last few days of the summer heat by spending lots of time outdoors! Noelle got a very colorful manicure curtesy of mama, and then gave daddy a fabulous pedicure. LOL

To beat the heat, the girls had a lot of "fun baths" this week. That's what Noelle calls baths that don't include hair washing, lol.

We celebrated Grandma Ethel (Noelle calls her Grandma Apple)'s 90th birthday this week too. We went up to Pine City to Joey's uncle Joe and aunt Claudia's cabin and spent the day riding the "Redneck Taxi," eating lots of treats, enjoyed cocktails, spent time outside, and let all the kiddos run around with all the little cousins and second cousins! It was a fun filled day, and exhausting! Both of our kids conked out that night early!

Both sides of Grandma Ethel's family! Halle's MIO because she was fast asleep!

Noelle had so much fun playing with Samantha! Those two crazy girls were crawling underneath the tables!

Noelle loved playing with cousins Alyssa and Samantha! Girly girls!

Noelle and Samantha enjoying some fruit!

Noelle with her cheesy smile, lol.

Hot tubbing with Ava and Parker!

Duck face!

Daddy and nakey baby!

Noelle also came to help mama at work one night! I love it when I have visitors at the store! :)

Here we are one morning playing a little dress up with Truman before starting our day.

Monday we had a play date with our friends, Amelia and Elliot. That was a fun morning! Anna and I had a great mom date while the kids played. Amelia and Noelle got along famously since they are both divas and enjoyed playing dress up together. Then we had some really healthy Happy Meals ;) and let the kids play at the really clean PlayLand. ;) LOL. They had a great time!

Yes, the girls totally went to McDonald's in their princess dresses! It was only natural.

We continued the madness on Wednesday and went out to the State Fair! Oh man. I LOVE THE MINNESOTA STATE FAIR!!! This is one of the many reasons why I LOVE living in Minnesota (and would never dream of leaving). This was Noelle and Halle's first time at the fair ever and it was very successful! We went with our friends Dawn and Willow. The girls had a blast. First off, Noelle loved the bus ride, lol. She has declared over and over that the bus ride was her favorite part of the fair. So funny, considering the bus had nothing to do with the fair, haha.

"Mama, I'm on a bus!"

Halle's all ready for the fair!!

Our first stop was at Alphabet Forest, which is such a great free family area. There was arts and crafts, books, toddler games, etc. The girls had so much fun here! The area also had a large sand box filled with buckets, shovels, etc. for the kids to play with. 

This was Noelle's favorite thing, ever. She loved this Brad guy. I seriously have never seen her take direction from someone so well before, lol. This guy basically taught Noelle how to properly use a glue stick!

She kept on saying "Hi Brad." First love.

Here she is with the finished product! A Noelle necklace!

Mini donuts time! Look at Halle...she's like "Gimme some of that!"

The moms with their babes!

We enjoyed lots of treats (the stables - mini donuts, cheese curds, ice cream), visited the Alphabet Forest, basically hit up every single free kid thing there, "window" shopped, watched a show, and saw the animals! Noelle did so great all morning, and Halle did wonderful alternating from the Baby Bjorn to the stroller. That was another day filled to the max - leaving Noelle and Halle in tired heaps that night!

One of the nights we had our signature family date - which is pretty much always dinner at Har Mar, and always ends with Freestyle Frozen yogurt. :)

Leeann Chin's! Yum yum.

Spinning the wheel at Freestyle!

Thursday and Friday we took it easier, and spent time with cousins and outside. It's going to be sad that starting next week we won't be able to play with cousins a couple times a week anymore! Noelle and Halle have been super lucky to have spent so much time with their cousins this summer! That's the thing we are going to miss the most!

Nature walk in the Baby Bjorn!

A little story time at the book store!

We are excited though for fall, since it's going to be filled with new fun stuff! Starting next week Noelle will start another year of dance! This year she will be going twice a week and will be in two numbers (a tap and a ballet) in the recital! This is so exciting! She will also still get to see Ellie, Ava, and Vivi at dance each week, so at least we will see our cousins there! The week after next, Noelle will be starting her first year of preschool as well! We're SUPER excited for this! It's two hours, twice a week - we both couldn't be more thrilled. While parts of me are sad, parts of me are super excited because I'm going to have time to get stuff done without Noelle, and also have alone time with Halle! Yay! As for Noelle, she's so excited for school, she's been telling everyone that she's going! I'm excited for her to socialize with other kids and get used to being away from me. She needs the interaction and the separation! So many things to look forward to!

Painting our nails before school starts! 

Hot pink with purple polka dots!

Farewell summer! Welcome fall! See you next week! 

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  1. I think I'm seriously envious of your guys week! That sounds amazing...and seriously exhausting. Thanks for coming over and giving me a seriously needed break. Good luck with school starting! It will be so awesome...after the hotmess of starting out :)


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