August 12, 2014

Top Toddler Girl Toys 2014

Recently I had a friend message me and let me know that she was looking through my blog, looking for present ideas for her daughter's upcoming 2 year birthday! I thought I'd start a list of all the toys Noelle has fawned and obsessed over for the past year. It's crazy to see the transition from baby toys, to toddler toys, and now, to actual girl toys! It's so fun for me, having such a girly girl!

Here are Noelle's Top Toddler Girl Toys from the past year:
1. Disney's Little People Collection
We love Little People!
When Noelle turned one years old I started loading up on tons of Little People sets because they were just the best "starter toys." They came in barns, houses, zoos, etc. with perfect chubby little people to go with. It was the perfect toy for her little fingers! Well, you bet I got excited when Fisher Price joined Disney to make the Disney collection! Noelle actually got the Princess Song Palace for the Christmas after she turned 1 years old but began playing with it A LOT more after she turned 2. She also loves the Klip Klop Stable, which she got for her 2nd birthday from our friend Daisy. We've also expanded the collection and gotten all the additional princesses, some princes, the seven dwarves, AND Snow White's cottage! She is nearing 3 years old now and still LOVES these toys! Especially now that she watches and can comprehend the Disney movies, she's even more into these toys!

Here is Noelle and friend Lexi when Noelle was 1.5 playing with the castle.

2. Loving Family Dream Dollhouse
With her LF dollhouse!
She LOVES this dollhouse! I was reluctant for her grandma to get this for her last Christmas, thinking that she was still too young but boy was I wrong! She played with this for weeks and weeks on end. There are several different houses to choose from, but the most recent dollhouse has working lights, flushing toilet (sound), doorbell chimes, etc. Noelle loves to set up the house with all the furniture that comes with it, and I love that you can build up this present for years - adding to it with additional room furniture, new people, pets, etc. I knew Grandma Sue was getting this house for her, but I thought it was dull that it came with a blond mom and daughter. I went and got her the brunette mom and daughter for stocking stuffers, and to this day, she still plays with them and calls them Mama and Noelle! :) The blondes are cousin Vivi, and auntie Heather. :) As the year went on, we've added to the house with a mini van, and also bought a baby! (This was actually one of the ways we got her used to the idea of
With toddler Elsa and Anna dolls.
having a sibling! We bought "Baby Halle" and played with her and included her in with the family.)

3. Disney Toddler Dolls 
Tea party with her girls!
These are great for little arms to hold. Noelle plays with these and calls them "my girls." She likes to switch their shoes, dresses, and plays with their hair! We've been collecting these for the last year! Her first one ever was Ariel for Christmas and has been getting them ever since! (She has 10 of them now! - We keep some at Grandma's house for something special when she stays there!)
4. Dress up clothes and accessories.
Dress up closet!
Oh my. We have hoarded a large amount of dress up clothes for Noelle and Halle! Noelle LOVES to dress up though! She used to just enjoy wearing the "beautiful dresses" (as she calls them) but now likes to be Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Red Riding Hood, Pop star, and other characters too. She also likes to wear capes, boas, tiaras, etc. It's so fun! At first she just liked being pretty and dressed up but now she gets into character. Such a developing imagination!
5. Books. 
I know, books aren't really toys, and books deserve their own post (which you can find here) but I had to include it in the list because it's Noelle's favorite past time ever. She might even like books more than shows, movies, AND toys! We are so proud to have such a bookworm! She's had a love for books forever, and now she likes to read to us! She of course, cannot read, lol, but she thinks that she is! She will look at pictures and make up a story. Sometimes it's the same story over and over, and sometimes it's brand new! So funny and creative. The best ones we've found for her age are Fancy Nancy's, IIlama IIlama Red Pajama books, Little Critter's, to name a few.
Barbies & Princesses!
6. Barbies!
Fast asleep with Ken.
I couldn't believe this happened! I thought she wouldn't be into Barbie dolls until much older but she already plays house with them every week! I turned her dollhouse bookcase into a dollhouse and we found furniture to put in it and she just loves it. She also has dollhouses at both grandparents' houses and plays with them there too. We started with just getting the Disney princess dolls, then when she started watching "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse" I got her a real Barbie. Now her favorite doll ever is Ken, lol. There was a time when she brought him every where and slept with him too.
7. Dora's Backpack.
Rescue Pack & Backpack!
Noelle just loves this backpack. Because 1. It's Backpack. and 2. It's a backpack. lol. She packs it up with all her stuff, asks me to put it on her and then she runs around the house singing the backpack song, and the Dora theme song. This is actually really hard to find. I looked for one in stores for a long time, for a Dora Halloween costume and couldn't find it, but if you go on Amazon you will find it!
8. Train sets. 
Her Christmas present!

This was Noelle's huge present from Santa (aka mom and dad) last year. She got a big train set and a train table. Most things out there are Thomas or Chugginton, but I found a white train table, and bought a girl themed train set. They are so cute. We also got her lots of Thomas accessories because she likes him, but I wanted to add something girly in there to make it special. They have sets out there that are princess themed, fairy themed, or something similar. BigJigs makes a lot of them! My friend Gaotah also got her pink and purple trains, and an ice cream parlor shop themed train set for her 2nd birthday! Huge hit!
9. A vanity.
The cute vanity!
Noelle got the Step2 Fantasy Vanity for Christmas and tons of "makeup,"(aka lip balm, Chapstick, brushes, empty containers, etc.) and hair brushes for Christmas and has been playing with them every day since. She loves to get dolled up after she dresses up! She also likes to do mama and
Doing Ariel's hair!
daddy's hair, nails, and apply makeup on us. There are so many out there but ours is so awesome because it's so appropriate for her age. It's sturdy plastic with a shatterproof mirror. When she's older I plan on getting her a real white wood vanity, but until the time comes where she can play without making a mess, or can be trusted to not write on it or stick stickers on it, this one will do!
10. Huffy Trike
I found Noelle this Huffy princess trike before summer started and it was the perfect thing for her! This trike actually has an arm on it that you can attach to push it around like a stroller, and little pegs for your tot to put their feet on. The pedals are there too if they want to start using them while you push them. It really helps them get used to the concept of riding a trike. Once they are ready you can remove the handle and they can pedal themselves! It's cool because there's a little umbrella on it too! Love this find.

Greatest trike ever!

11. Megabloks
There was a long period when she loved these when she was one years old and I was so excited when she first started putting blocks together. It was such an accomplishment! As she got older, this toy got boring. We never took them out and I ended up storing them away for Halle to use later. However, then when Noelle got into playing with dolls and also using her imagination, we ended up pulling them back out. Because now she builds houses and castles for her Little People! Megabloks also makes Princess, Hello Kitty, and Barbie sets! We are definitely back into these!

Playing Pretty Pretty Princess

As we are nearing three years old, I can see that these things are started to interest her when we are at the store or at an older cousin's house:
Polly Pockets
Littlest Pet Shop
Games (We've gotten some that are approved for 3 year olds and she's into it! We got Fancy Nancy's Dress Up Game and Pretty Pretty Princess to start! No reading required!)
A car. LOL


  1. Wow! Lucky girl! She has so many awesome toys! Thanks for sharing. I've been looking at the Little People Doll House as a Christmas gift idea from Nana and Papa. I hear it is a great one.

  2. **Loving Family Doll House I meant! ha

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