August 24, 2014

MN Tot Spots: Heartfelt

Last Wednesday Gaotah and I took the girls to Linden Hills to go check out a kids' art studio. It happened to be closed but we we stumbled upon a great find! There's this adorable little shop across the street from Creative Kidstuff called Heartfelt and it's just so charming and cute. 

They sell lots of things to make art and crafts, toys, books, and dress up clothes. The coolest thing about the store is that they also have drop in art classes and preschool classes there. They have weekly preschool classes for children 2.5 years old and older. They teach things like painting with watercolors, using beeswax crayons, making (no bake) natural treats, making wooden dolls, and other things. It's not just so cute, but I love that it's teaching them how to be hands on with nature and creating art and crafts out of ordinary things.

Above, Noelle is playing with wooden fairies and a fairy tree house, all handmade by the store. They actually offer classes there for the kids to make fairy tree houses, and also just sell all the pieces that you need to make your own! Noelle loved this. It was actually quite inspirational because it reminded me that it doesn't take tons of money to create something that a little kid would enjoy. I'm excited to make one with her! 

The shop was also super cool because they had stuff for the kids to play with everywhere. It was kind of a free for all! And they had some of the coolest stuff. Like above, Noelle and her new acquaintance Valentina, are playing with vintage paper dolls! This was so cute! They had lots of cute, natural, wholesome toys there like wood blocks, books, wooden toys, etc. Nice reminder in this time and age that you don't NEED to always be hooked up to electronics!

Gaotah showing Noelle how to listen for the ocean in a seashell. :)

They had a cute area for babies too, with a basket full of baby friendly toys. They also had this super cool treehouse in the store. Noelle is a pretty cautious child so she didn't get too high up there, but I was impressed she went in at all! Shy kid problems. :)

Besides selling super cute stuff (like handmade tutus, wooden pirate swords, DIY books, natural art supplies, etc.), and offering classes, they also do birthday parties there! They have different parties designed for different ages and the party includes making or cooking something with a teacher. They also can do puppet shows, games, treasure hunts, etc. So, so cute. I love it! Here are some of the cute things you can make there:


Two thumbs WAY up! So excited to go back!

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