August 28, 2014

Halle Belly Turns 5 Months!

Halle Belly, you are growing up way too fast...5 months already?! Say it isn't so! 

"I so big!"

Here's how you measure up:

Physically: I think it's laughable that I thought your sister at 5 months was a moose, because YOU are the real moose of this family. You already weigh close to 17 lbs and you have the biggest thighs and rolls I've ever seen. It is so, so cute!! You already have to upgrade to size 3 diapers, and you already rock 12 month clothes, and lots of 6-12!! Your eyes have also changed color, going from hazel to a light brown. I'm a wee sad they didn't stay hazel like your daddy's, but you look beautiful with any color eyes! You chew on your hands and toys all day, and drool by the bucket loads, so I think you are starting to teethe!

Big girl in her saucer!

Developmentally: You can grasp very well and like to put everything in your mouth. You roll really well, and scoot all over the place, even in a circle. You hold your bottle alone, if it's not too big! :) You also just discovered your feet last week so now you are practicing your stretching, and flexibility skills. I think you are going to make a fantastic dancer and gymnast! ;)

Feedings: You don't like to nurse anymore during the day, so mama has to pump all your bottles! I wasn't too sure if I was going to continue to do this or wean you, but seeing how much you are thriving on breastmilk gives me motivation. It also comes in handy at night, not having to make bottles, since for whatever reason you WILL nurse at night. I really don't get it, but whatever works! Also, now you eat 2x a day - some rice cereal mixed with apples! I've only introduced apples a couple weeks ago, so we haven't tried any other fruits or veggies mixed with your cereal yet, but you sure do love it! The other day we did try straight avocado, since it's a great "first food" and you seemed to really like it! We've had it successfully twice now. You also have started to munch on rice rusks, specifically Mums Mums banana ones. You like these A LOT and get super mad when you eat the whole thing! You start gnawing on your fingers looking for more!

Mums mums!

You are precious!

Likes: Being in the Baby Bjorn. Car rides. Being involved in EVERYTHING. You want to see what's going on at all times and do not like being left out. You love watching your sister. You like to listen to her read you stories. You love attention! You want to be held all the time and get angry if no one is paying attention to you! You also really like tummy time. :)

This is how you got your nick name, "Belly!"

Personality: You have a great relaxed temperament, and seem to be happy almost all the time. You are full of smiles and are very easy to make laugh. You get a bit cranky when you are tired or want attention, but that's about the only time you are vocal. You are just an angel.

Yes, yes. I'm well aware that you are my child, but my gosh, are you the cutest, sweetest, thing in the world!! Halle, you have been close to the most perfect baby we could ever imagine adding to our family. Daddy, mama, and Noelle love you so much!

Happy 5 Months my Halle Belly!!! xoxo

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