July 18, 2014

Week In Review

We started off this week right with a little visit from great aunt Kathy, cousin Brianna, and HARRISON!! Noelle just loves Harrison, and I love that because these two used to be together ALL the time when I watched Harrison at our house. 

The Superhero's hugging it out! (Notice that Noelle put on her shoes by herself this day.)

Here is Miss Halle sporting the world's smallest hair clip. Hehe.

Another lovely ensemble that Miss Noelle put together herself.

 We also participated in a lot more swimming!! This has been an awesome summer in the pool!

There were a few colder days though too this week. I actually thought it was a nice break from the heat! On one of the days we went to the library and just read.

We also took a trip to Target, which is never complete without a stroll down the princess aisle.

On Wednesday we went to Pout in Pink. They were having a special photo event, and the girls got to have their pictures taken in their favorite PIP outfits. Of course, I had them match. ;) 

Noelle got spoiled, as usual, and got to have pink lemonade and got to decorate her own cupcake.

Just trying on daddy's shoes.

Miss Halle already holding her own bottle! Big girl!

It was really a quiet week for us. No big plans or play dates, which was nice. We spent a lot of time inside, hanging out, cuddling, and relaxing. This weekend we have lots of plans, so we kind of reserved all our energy for those upcoming plans! We have a BBQ, and 2 birthday parties to go to this weekend! Also, next week Halle and I leave for Texas on Thursday for 5 days!! Lord knows I need to be as rested and focused as I can be to fly with an infant alone! ;)

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