July 11, 2014

Week in Review

This week we spent a lot of time swimming! It was warm and toasty when we got back from the cabin and we had to go check out Staci (Joey's sister)'s new house, which includes a pool! Noelle took a dip in it twice already this past week!

As this summer goes on we've noticed Noelle has no fear of water. For a cautious child, she really just loves the water and has no issues with it. She is a little fish!

It was also a week full of family. Brianna, Joey's cousin, also came by one day to check out the pool at Staci's and played with Noelle for a while. Noelle was spoiled with tons of attention from both Brianna and Gracie. She just LOVES her older cousins.

Watching poolside...Halle can't wait to get in there herself!

Noelle also had fun later in the week with other cousins, Vivi, and Harrison. Vivi came over and spent the day at our house on Thursday. Noelle and Vivi are definitely best friends. They had so much fun dressing up, having a fashion show, posing for their photo shoot, dancing (Vivi taught Noelle how to do "knock knocks" lol), and playing with toys. As these two get older and closer, it's so funny to see them behave like sisters. They fought a ton on Thursday! Between the giggles there were plenty of bickering and fighting over tiaras and wands. LOL. 

Vivi raided Noelle's dresser and found some of her old clothes that she had given Noelle. She put this ensemble together and declared "I never stopped loving these shorts." LOL

Noelle: "You look divine!"

So posh!

The girls went CRAZY dancing! They currently love the Sophia Grace & Rosie CD! (Favorite track? The cover of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." LOL)

We also had a playdate with Harrison! He came over and the kids spent some time in the inflatable pool. I have to say that was the best $30 I've spent this summer! We use this pool a couple times every single week! The kids had fun splashing and sliding, and also watering the rocks, haha.

My sweet baby Halle had a rougher week. About a month ago she had a cold that was creating some matter to come out of her left eye. The doctor chalked it up to it just being pus from the cold and gave us drops. Well, it never spread to the other eye, but it never went away either. In fact, the matter was getting worse. So I took her in this week and the doctor discovered that she has a blocked tear duct! This makes so much sense since it's only her left eye, and it is always red, swollen, and there's heavy tearing and yellowish/whitish buildup that comes out of it almost every day. It's pretty common in infants though and usually clears itself within the first year. Worse case scenario is that if it doesn't, they will have to go into her eye with a tool and open the tissue for her. (I almost passed out thinking about that when he said it!)

At the doctor's office, and still so happy. Sweet baby!

"One of my eyes is all crusty and oozy, but I'm still smiling!"

If matters couldn't get worse, the very next day Noelle accidentally scratched Halle with her toe nail (I'm serious) above her right eye. It was pretty bad. :( Halle let out a toe curling scream, cried, and it bled for a while. With one goopy eye, and one scratched up eye, I've been calling her Halle Sad Eyes. Because of her scratch, Joey's been calling her Scarface, lol. Poor baby.

Cousins are just the best. Friends for life!

Noelle's new thing that has just started in the last few weeks is that she wants to dress herself. It used to be that she would pick her outfits out. Now she physically puts on the clothes as well, because God forbid, I help. She screams bloody murder if I even dare ask her if she would like assistance. Anyways, here was a good one today: Her Easter dress + her pajama pants (inside out AND backwards). What I don't have pictured are her shoes, which later were on, of course the opposite feet. She's been wearing her shoes on the wrong feet for about a week now, but if I tell her or try to help her, she hollers as if she is being abused. I pick my battles, and the shoes aren't one of them, so she walks around with them on wrong all the time. Haha.

Also, not one, but TWO hair bows.

Sweet pea looks on!

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  1. Cutie patooties. Myla had blocked tear ducts until she was about 8 months old! Totally normal. My friend's daughter had a surgery at 1 year because they didn't open up before then. It is kinda annoying, and I noticed Myla's got worse when I played with them or when we traveled (assuming more bacteria around etc). I actually bought a box of wipes that is specifically for infants with clogged tear ducts... I can't remember the name. It was blue and white and cost an obnoxious $16, but I never went through the whole box (you'd only have to buy it once!) and it was nice to have when we were out in public to wipe her eye and not have it get more clogged/goopy again from my finger tips. There are coupons for them.... I really wish I could remember the silly name!


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