July 18, 2014

Vonta's Bachelorette

I probably go out with my girlfriends twice a year - and last weekend was one of them! ;) My friend Vonta had her gorgeous Bachelorette party on Saturday. The bridesmaids went all out and hosted the lovely party. These girls always know how to host a party. Last time I went out was for their joint birthday party last year, a "50 Shades of Grey" themed masquerade party

Here we are playing a very appropriate bachelorette party game. ;)

Vilai always makes the cake pops, which are not only delish, but always so picture perfect!

Victoria's Secret party prizes!

Me, Gao, and Vilai.

DIY glitter dipped bottles?! These girls put all my parties to shame!

Annie with her new friends.

Annie, me, and Gaotah. FFL!

Amanda and I.

Here I am with the lovely bride to be, Vonta!

All the ladies were instructed to wear hot pink or red lipstick, and to kiss this "guestbook" frame. SO CUTE!

Games, games, games!


Party bus picked us up at the hotel and brought us downtown!

Congrats to Vonta!

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