July 18, 2014

How to: Travel with Baby!

Noelle last year, flying for the first time!
Almost a year ago I had boarded a plane with a then 20 month old Noelle and we jet set to Texas for a week to spend with my parents and my brothers. This year I'm doing it again but this time with Halle instead of Noelle. I have to say going with Noelle wasn't really that bad. I thought it was going to go easier, I have to admit, but it didn't go bad. I thought it was going to be easy to have her on my lap for the 2.5 hour flight, but she really didn't have the patience to sit on me. She also didn't sleep on me, like I had hoped. She ended up playing a lot on the floor of the plane, cramped, between the seats. She was good though, never cried or whined, thank goodness. Also, little side note, headphones don't work on 20 month olds. ANYWAYS...

So next Thursday Halle and I will be going to see my parents (my dad, for the first time)! I'm excited but also nervous to go with Halle since she's only 3 months old. Noelle was a walking, talking, adult food eating, toddler when she traveled with me so it wasn't bad. Halle on the other hand...I don't know how smooth it will go! Of course, Halle is my angel baby, so it might go easy as pie, but you never know with a baby that young. I've been thinking about this trip a lot since I'm going to be doing it solo, so I've come up with some ideas on how to make this go as easily as possible...
  • Wear the baby. I am definitely bringing my Baby Bjorn and strapping that kid to me. I need both my arms and hands free to maneuver, push, and carry throughout the airport! I also read on another mom's blog to wear just a shirt or tank underneath, because if you wear a jacket or a zip-up, security will make you take it off to go through the security check point, which means, you need to take your baby and carrier off.
  • Bring the car seat. You can check it at the gate. I really was wondering what I was going to do about this one. Since she is still in the infant bucket (as I like to call the car seat), I didn't know what I was going to do once I got to TX. My parents don't have an infant car seat. I was relieved to find out that not only can you check your car seat at the gate, but it's free to do so! Another nice mama perk? It's free to check in your stroller too! I did this when I went with Noelle. No stroller this time though. I very dumbly got rid of our single stroller when I found out I was pregnant with Halle and bought a double stroller. Times like these, it would be great to still have a single!
  • Remember the baby's birth certificate. 
  • Pack extra clothes in the diaper bag. Not just for baby, but for me too. Just in case I get puked on! It's bad enough to be jet lagged, even worse if covered in vomit.
Other useful things I found online about flying with an infant:
  • Having a baby is one of the only times where the 3-1-1 rule doesn't apply! I can bring more amounts of liquid (aka breast milk) than the normal person can! Yay! My milk production has slowed down a lot recently, and Halle is HUNGRY. After she nurses, she will usually still drink a couple more ounces of my milk that has been stored in the freezer. I have ample supply stocked though, so I definitely want to bring those to supplement in TX, rather than resort to formula. Note: big quantities should be put in a cooler, packed in your checked in luggage. Quantities for the carry-on can be stored in easy to access bags, so security can quickly check it.
  • Try to nurse/feed baby during takeoff and at landing, to help with ears popping as well as comforting. 
  • When you arrive at the gate, talk to someone at the desk to see if there are any other seats open on the flight that may be better/bigger, or if there are some empty seats next to each other. They may let you get an upgrade, or let you get a couple empty seats - giving you more room for you and baby! I'm definitely trying this! Hoping Halle's smile will melt some hearts and get us a better seat! ;)
  • It may be easier to dress the baby in a onesie and some leg warmers, rather than pants for much faster and easier diaper changes - especially if they happen on board.
We are mostly going to Texas for my brother Dennis' wedding on Saturday! We leave Thursday and return on Monday! I'm looking forward to spending time with family, celebrating my brother's marriage, having Halle meet my dad, bond with her grandparents, and (hopefully, fingers crossed) have some downtime! I'm hoping I can take a few naps there while Halle naps since I will be away from home, aka away from responsibility! 

Things I need to remember to pack:
  • Car seat.
  • 6-7 outfits for Halle for the 5 days. (I know her clothes are tiny, but I'm still trying not to bring too many. I'm trying to pack all our stuff in ONE suitcase! My mom does have a washer/dryer after all!)
  • 3 pajamas for Halle.
  • At least 3-4 bibs, to salvage the outfits.
  • A dress for Halle to wear to the wedding.
  • Enough diapers for a couple days. Prepared to buy a small pack when we land in Texas. Saves the hassle of packing too much.
  • Breast milk in a small cooler.
  • Breast pump. A few bottles.
  • Pacifiers!! At least 2 in case one goes missing!
  • Nursing cover.
  • 2-3 baby blankets.
  • A pack of wipes. Prepared to buy more if necessary.
  • Sun hat! We're going to Texas after all!
  • An inflatable baby bathtub. This seems crazy but Halle is too young still to sit in a tub or in a sink, and I am not mailing the baby bath tub there or making my parents purchase one!
  • Camera, and battery charger.
  • *If I have enough room (doubt it), I'd love to bring her changing pad. I don't really use it for diaper changes, but she actually sleeps on hers! She co-sleeps with us right now and the pad is perfect to keep her in her own little space. It also has raised sides on it which prevent her from moving or rolling in her sleep. 
Things I need to have in the diaper bag for the airport/plane ride:
  • Diapers: one for each hour in transit. A couple extra in case of delays. (God forbid!)
  • Disposable changing pads.
  • Burp cloth.
  • An extra outfit, just in case of dreaded blow out.
  • Extra shirt for mama.
  • Wipes.
  • Plastic bags, for soiled diapers/clothes - just in case.
  • Small bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • A pacifier!
  • Baby Bjorn. (It will be on me, but this is just a reminder for myself not to forget it!)
Oh my. This is a lot of stuff to bring, not to mention this doesn't include MY stuff! My ultimate goal though is to only travel with ONE suitcase (which will be checked in) and the diaper bag! We'll see how it goes as I start packing for the trip this weekend!

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