July 24, 2014

Texas Bound!

Miss Halle and I made it!! Halle was an amazing passenger on our flight today, sleeping for almost the WHOLE entire flight! We timed it pretty well and got a flight at her usual nap time. I fed her as the plane took off, and little sweetie didn't wake up until we landed! Hooray! We are ready for a fun weekend in Texas!

My chubby little sweetheart!! Relaxing before take off! (I got so lucky - the agent moved the person seated next to me so that Halle and I could have a whole row to ourselves!)

Playing and getting sleepy.

Slept for literally 98% of the flight. So, so good! We even got compliments from other passengers!

"Mama, don't wake me up just yet..."

"Whoa! When did we get here!?"

In grandpa's car headed back to their house! So excited for our weekend with grandpa, grandma, and my uncles!

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