July 20, 2014

Princess Harper's Birthday!

Snow White, aka Noelle, attended her friend Harper's 2nd Birthday party this morning! It was a princess themed bash, so lucky for Noelle, she was permitted to wear some princess gear!

Here is Miss Harper. A wee shy, but ever so cute. Here is her "Princess Sofia" dress that her mom, my friend Daisy, made her. So crafty!

 Noelle thought everything was perfect. We will indeed be having a princess party ourselves come November!

 I had on some yellow skinny jeans...matching Noelle of course!

 She very briefly took a dip in the pool. It wasn't as nice out as we thought it was going to be!

 Eating some lunch with Willow!

 It was so fun to see our friends!

 Silly Austin!

Enjoying birthday cake and ice cream!

Big thanks to the Saccoman family for the great party, as usual, and a very Happy Birthday to sweet Harper!!

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