July 27, 2014

My Brother's Cultural Texas Wedding! Yee Haw!

So yesterday was the long awaited wedding of my younger brother Dennis and his fiance Ana. The wedding was held on one of the hottest days I've ever dealt with for Texas weather, lol. And it was an outdoor wedding. Of course! Nonetheless it was a special day and Dennis and Ana's personal vows were sweet, natural, sincere, and emotional. I think everyone had tears in their eyes, especially the bride and groom!

Miss Halle and Mama before the wedding festivities!

Ana and Dennis went for a very cultural wedding, since both of them come from different nationalities and cultures. Ana's family is Latino and my family is of course, Vietnamese. For their ceremony they had a traditional American ceremony. It was followed by Vietnamese appetizers, treats, and cocktails. Dinner was authentic Mexican fare, and drinks. I tried Horchata, a cold cinnamon rice milk beverage that was super yummy. After dinner Dennis and Ana changed from their wedding attire into the traditional Vietnamese wedding outfits. It was really fun to see them display both their heritages.

Halle and Grandma! My mom also wore an "ao dai," the Vietnamese traditional dress.

My brothers, Dennis the groom, and Dustin the best man!

Dennis and Ana's dog Romi also donned a wedding dress and was escorted down the aisle, lol.

Ana and her father!

I was really glad I was able to be there to celebrate my brother but also so glad I got to spend some time with my extended family! I have relatives from all over, Minnesota, Michigan, California, and Texas - a lot of them made the long trek to be there for Dennis' special day, and it was so great to see them!

Doug and my aunt Christine. Some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Dustin and our mama.

My uncles, Phong and Alan.

Alan and My aunt Minh!

Love these two!!

Here Dennis and Ana are in their wedding ao dais.

Dennis and Austin!

My girl!

The girls table, ;)

The dudes.

I still can't believe how old we are now. My little brother is married, I have two kids...wow, where did the time go!?

The family.

The mothers!

This is how Dustin hangs at a wedding, with headphones on, lol.

The groom, best man, and the groomsmen.

They're so cute!

Halle has a hard time hiding her true feelings. And yes, she also had a wardrobe change.

Dustin's first beer! Halle wants it too, lol.

She stills wants it.

First dance.

Halle watching from her Bumbo, haha.

Mother/son dance to Boyz II Men's "Mama." It was so sweet!

Thanks to Ana and Dennis for having us at such a nice occasion! We wish you many, many years of happiness and love! Congrats on your marriage and have fun in the Bahamas!! :) Love you!

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