July 21, 2014

Family Date Nights!

Joey and I don't get too many date nights. It was my goal for us to have more last year, and while we have accomplished that goal, those nights are still too few and apart. However, we have tons and tons of family date nights! On Friday we went out to North St. Paul to the weekly car show and walked around looking at the Hot Rods, indulged in lots of mini donuts, and hung out with family!

Alyssa, Noelle and Ava enjoying mini donuts! Mmmm sugar!

The following night we had a family date at Smash Burger, then went to visit the pets at the Har Mar pet store. Noelle just loved the kitties, and while I'm not a huge cat fan, they were soooo cute!

Halle loves the front carrier!

Daddy and his girls. I love this picture, and I love my family!

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