July 7, 2014

Celebrating the Fourth Up North!

As tradition, as a family we go up north to Mille Lacs each 4th of July. We were fortunate to be able to leave for the long weekend on Thursday night and stay through Sunday. Usually a large chunk of the family comes up, but this year everyone was pretty busy. (Ellie and Ava just got back from dance nationals, Staci's family moved into their new house over the weekend, Heather's family went to Lake Maud with friends, and Nik and Erin went to another friend's cabin.) Our family came up that Thursday, Joey's mom Sue and Don didn't come till Friday, and my bestie Gaotah and Jay arrived Saturday. That made for a quiet(er) weekend. We spent a lot of the time outside, taking boat rides, drinking cocktails, and going to the ice cream shop. 

Here we are, shortly after arrival. We made it in a little over 2.5 hours! Whew, that's a lengthy amount of time in a car with two little ones!

Noelle was super excited - she loves going to the cabin!

This was Noelle's first time at the cabin with daddy this year! Her other trips were with mama, or with just Grandma! She was thrilled to have him there with her!

This was Halle's first trip to the cabin!!

Skipping rocks off the dock!

Making Oreo malts with Grandma. My goodness, do we like ice cream in this family.

Hanging out with Don and Doritos.

Nothing like the fresh air to knock a little one out. ;)

Halle and Don having a staring contest.


Noelle was the only grandkid at the cabin (besides Halle). Sue and Don felt bad that she was alone a lot playing by herself, so they took her to Brainerd and went to the new Safari North Wildlife Center. Apparently she had SO much fun! She got to see tons of animals, feed them, go to a petting zoo, "milk" a cow, and do some other things. They offer camel rides too, but Noelle is not that daring!

With her new giraffe Puzzles. The name comes from her spots looking like puzzle pieces. ;)

Fast asleep. All tuckered out!

Happy 4th of July from our little firecrackers!

Halle says "Enough pictures."

Oops, one picture too many. Hehe. 

A girl and her daddy.

Halle enjoying some time in the AC with her kick toy. She's at the age where she actually likes toys now! Especially this one that has a huge mirror!

All this action really takes it out of a tot!

Don's new pontoon!

A new day! Gaotah and Jay arrive! Yay! Friends for mama and daddy!

Going on a boat ride!

Booze cruise for Gaotah and Jay!


Halle's first boat ride!

Everyone's laughing because Jay and Gaotah took a dip in the middle of the lake to take care of some business. Apparently some of us had too much to drink during the ride. ;)

Noelle with her frog friend that did not want to leave the deck all weekend.

There he is!

This is a glimpse into our shenanighans up north. Lol. We are just wild.

Enjoying dinner, drinks, and the internet. Not exactly roughing it up here! :)

Love birds! We tried to give them some space to enjoy the sunset! After all, they spent the whole day with us and our crying kids, lol.

Noelle and Gaotah watching some Dora.

Jay was obsessed with the bug zapper. So funny. We know what he's getting for his birthday. ;)

Another morning! Whose ready for making eggs!?

Noelle looking at photo albums from years past at the cabin.

This is all our stuff, right before we loaded up our car to leave. Can you believe this is what we need to get away for a few days?! Are we going up north for a weekend or moving!? Wowza!

Ending the day with some ice cream. :)

Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July! Happy Freedom! Happy Independence! Happy Birthday America!

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