July 29, 2014

Our Texas Trip

Halle and I arrived to Texas Thursday night and we stayed through Monday. It was a rather busy weekend for us! First off, it was Halle and my dad's FIRST time meeting! It was definitely love at first sight for them both. Halle smiled instantly at my dad as soon as she saw him at the airport. As for my dad, of course he is smitten with his second granddaughter. 

Here Halle is bonding with my brother Dustin!

My brother Dustin had also not seen Halle in person, so he got to see her as well! He's a fan,just like everyone else. ;) A large chunk of my mom's side of the family was also in town, since it was my other brother, Dennis' wedding weekend. Halle got to meet tons of my family, and I had so much fun seeing them as well! Some of my uncles and aunts I haven't seen in years! 

Halle LOVED being carried around by everyone!
My parents, aunts, and uncles out for lunch!

Thursday night we just relaxed. Friday I spent the day with my parents, then we went out to late lunch with a few of my uncles and aunts. Saturday was Dennis' wedding. Sunday my mom hosted a huge party at their house to celebrate my parent's 30th wedding anniversary, Dennis and Ana getting married, AND Ana's birthday (which was on Monday). We had our family, Ana's family, and Dennis's friends over. It was a big celebration!

Here is Ana and Dennis praying to our ancestors to bless their new marriage.

"What the hell's on my head."

Everyone relaxing and chit chatting. 

My mom and I slaving over food, lol. 

Look at all this good grub my mom and I made! Well, we had some help my my aunts too. ;)

My mom's homemade from scratch egg rolls, roast beef, orange chicken, teriyaki meatballs, dumplings, and more...so good! I wish I could eat the leftovers right now!

In laws!

Dennis with all the aunts (that were in town, that is)!

Halle made a new friend! Isabella is Ana's cousin, who is 6 months. Isabella weighs 17 lbs. Halle weighs 15! Can you believe that my chunker is almost as big as her, and two months younger? lol

So much cake!

Here's to a long and happy marriage, to both the newlyweds as well as the 30 yearers!

Happy Halle is 4 Months!

Oh my dear Halle, you had a very eventful last month! Being 3 months was hard on you, my sweet. You endured a lot of abuse from your sister, which I will go ahead and assume that we should expect for the rest of your life! You accidentally were stepped on, scratched, rolled off the couch (onto carpet and not far from the ground - thank goodness), had a ball hit your head, and various toys dropped on your head. On top of that we also found out that you have a blocked tear duct, eczema, and you also got ringworm on your cheek! My poor wee baby!

The most amazing thing about you? After each incident you kept on smiling. I mean, literally, a toy was just dropped on your head, and you would return to your happy self in a matter of minutes. You are just the sweetest child. You smile all the time and at everyone. You make everyone's day. You and I traveled together to Texas (yes, your very first flight and trip) and you did amazing. On the way there you got compliments from other passengers, and on the way home the flight attendant said you were a girl after her own heart! Everyone adores you, and why wouldn't they? You are our Happy Halle!

Here you are visiting mama at the cleaners!

You also reached some milestones this past month! You rolled! More exciting and adorable? You laughed! You laughed, truly a real deep laugh from the belly, for the very first time! We were so lucky to be able to catch it on daddy's phone! It's amazing how much you have accomplished in your very short lifetime! Your older sister didn't roll or laugh until she was 5 months! You're advanced. ;) You are doing amazing with your gross motor skills too. You can grab toys and you love to play with your fingers and chew on them. You play in an excersaucer already, and can hold your own bottle! Stop growing please!

Her first laugh!

Another big girl thing? You ate food for the first time, TODAY! You have been eyeing up food for the past few weeks...staring at spoons, and people chewing. You also always put everything in your mouth and chew everything. You seem hungry even after you have milk, so I thought maybe we would try out rice cereal. Let's just say, you did amazing. I only mixed a tiny little teaspoon into your breast milk, but you ate it all up! 

Baby girl, you are the apple of my eye! Daddy, Noelle, and I love you SO much! You make us all smile, laugh, and so so happy. Thank you for being you, and never change! Also can you stop growing?! Love you my doll. Happy 4 Months!

July 27, 2014

My Brother's Cultural Texas Wedding! Yee Haw!

So yesterday was the long awaited wedding of my younger brother Dennis and his fiance Ana. The wedding was held on one of the hottest days I've ever dealt with for Texas weather, lol. And it was an outdoor wedding. Of course! Nonetheless it was a special day and Dennis and Ana's personal vows were sweet, natural, sincere, and emotional. I think everyone had tears in their eyes, especially the bride and groom!

Miss Halle and Mama before the wedding festivities!

Ana and Dennis went for a very cultural wedding, since both of them come from different nationalities and cultures. Ana's family is Latino and my family is of course, Vietnamese. For their ceremony they had a traditional American ceremony. It was followed by Vietnamese appetizers, treats, and cocktails. Dinner was authentic Mexican fare, and drinks. I tried Horchata, a cold cinnamon rice milk beverage that was super yummy. After dinner Dennis and Ana changed from their wedding attire into the traditional Vietnamese wedding outfits. It was really fun to see them display both their heritages.

Halle and Grandma! My mom also wore an "ao dai," the Vietnamese traditional dress.

My brothers, Dennis the groom, and Dustin the best man!

Dennis and Ana's dog Romi also donned a wedding dress and was escorted down the aisle, lol.

Ana and her father!

I was really glad I was able to be there to celebrate my brother but also so glad I got to spend some time with my extended family! I have relatives from all over, Minnesota, Michigan, California, and Texas - a lot of them made the long trek to be there for Dennis' special day, and it was so great to see them!

Doug and my aunt Christine. Some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Dustin and our mama.

My uncles, Phong and Alan.

Alan and My aunt Minh!

Love these two!!

Here Dennis and Ana are in their wedding ao dais.

Dennis and Austin!

My girl!

The girls table, ;)

The dudes.

I still can't believe how old we are now. My little brother is married, I have two kids...wow, where did the time go!?

The family.

The mothers!

This is how Dustin hangs at a wedding, with headphones on, lol.

The groom, best man, and the groomsmen.

They're so cute!

Halle has a hard time hiding her true feelings. And yes, she also had a wardrobe change.

Dustin's first beer! Halle wants it too, lol.

She stills wants it.

First dance.

Halle watching from her Bumbo, haha.

Mother/son dance to Boyz II Men's "Mama." It was so sweet!

Thanks to Ana and Dennis for having us at such a nice occasion! We wish you many, many years of happiness and love! Congrats on your marriage and have fun in the Bahamas!! :) Love you!
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