June 20, 2014

Summer Dance, Week 2!

What an awesome experience summer dance has been! Six classes in 2 weeks is asking a lot out of a touchy toddler, but Noelle not only did great, but she LOVED it. I loved seeing her enjoy something that much as well!! It was a joy seeing her smiling face during the class, and seeing how much she improved! It's also nice to see how well behaved she is...without me! I swear, she's a monster when I'm around but the second I'm gone, she turns into an angel. Oh well. I'm just glad that she behaves for other people!! She loves Miss Yvette and spent all morning making her a Thank you card, for being such a wonderful teacher. Today was the last day of summer dance, and I'm so sad! We have to wait now until August to start dance up again, but luckily she will be reunited with Miss Yvette again! Here are some pictures from this week. I love my little ballerina!

Here are my divas before dance, day #4! 

Working hard!

Ava  hanging out with Halle!

Day #5! She's second to the right - in pink and black!

Switching her tap shoes for her ballet slippers!

Noelle with Ellie! It will be sad not to see her cousins so often during the week!

Besties; cousins; dancers. 

Noelle's last day of dance! She;s the one on the end with "big butts." LOL

Front center. ;)

Damn this camera phone! This picture would have been perfect! It captures her excitement as she runs out of class to greet me! One of the best parts of my day!

Noelle with Miss Yvette! 

With Kenzie. She looks so sad here, but really, she wasn't. She's just a turkey sometimes. ;)

Last day of dance for these two!

Class may be over, but she's working on her first position! :)

We cannot wait for the fall so we can start dance again! Noelle will be going on Monday and Tuesday mornings at Larkin! See you there! :)

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