June 13, 2014

Summer Dance, Week 1!

Noelle started summer dance this past week at Larkin, and it has been so, so fun for both of us! For Noelle, she's having a blast dancing with the other little girls and Miss Yvette (her teacher, that she adores). She's in the class for 45 minutes three days a week, which is a lot more than her one class for 30 minutes during the year. Also, another big change is that she's in the class without a parent! It's been so fun for me to watch her! It's so adorable seeing her be in a class all alone, and to see how she interacts to her teacher and peers. I love watching her do all the moves, and it's been fun to see her learn new positions and moves! The class that she's in is actually for 3-4 year olds, and she's still only 2.5 but she's keeping up with the rest of the class! She just loves it. She even has been practicing at home. So cute!

On the way to dance, day 1! So excited!

Watching her from outside the window. (It's a mirror on her side, so she doesn't know I'm watching her!)

Halle's all like, "Hey, when do I get to dance??"

Here are all the dancing cousins! :) Ava, Vivi, Ellie, and Noelle!

"I dance good, Grandma Shel get's me M&Ms..."

My little ballerina!

Still in the dancing spirit at Target, after class, lol.

Another fun day! I love that Noelle gets to go to the dance studio and see her cousins! 

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