June 4, 2014

Noelle's First Slumber Party!

Last Saturday we watched our niece Vivi over-night. Vivi is Noelle's 4 year old cousin, who she adores, worships, and follows. These two love each other and are growing to be the best of friends. Vivi often tells her Heather, "Noelle's my best friend mom." We try to get them together every week if we can because they not only love each other, but they love having someone just as girly as them to play with. They both are fancy nancy's, although Noelle is more of a primpy princess and Vivi is more of a sassy diva. 

We told both girls that they would be having their first sleepover, and they were SO excited!! Noelle talked all week about how "Vivi going to sleep in Noelle's room!" They had a blast.

The girls using the couch as a stage. There was a lot of performing that night.


 Cousin love!

 The girls had so much fun painting their nails. Truly girly.

 Halle wanted to join in...

The girls had so much fun, and Joey and I spent most of the night laughing because the conversations were priceless! Here are a couple good ones we overheard:

Vivi is on the potty.
Noelle (looks into potty): Good job Vivi! You went poop!
Vivi: Thank you Noelle, but don't get too close you might get wet.

Vivi: Noelle you have to wear this pink one.
Noelle: No! I no wear that, Vivi!
Vivi: Wear it Noelle, or else I won't hug you.

 The girls in the mess that is Noelle and Halle's bedroom! (Vivi had a little bed made on the floor!)

They were super hard to get down on Friday night (as expected) but refused to sleep in different rooms. Of course, they wanted to be together. That night I heard something around 11 pm and walked into the room to find Vivi sitting at Noelle's vanity doing her makeup in the dark! I asked Vivi what she was doing and she replied "Noelle woke me up!" Noelle was fast asleep. LOL

 In the morning, enjoying some french toast and strawberries! Don't mind daddy in the background. Rough night.

 "Take a picture of our wands! Look at our wands!"

The girls did everything together. And they wanted to match all the time! They found similar sundresses to wear the next day and were very excited about it. They played dress up for hours, doing each other's "makeup," hair, and nails. Saturday morning I took the girls to Target in search for an inflatable pool for them to play in the heat. They were such angels shopping with me, and were so funny. At one point Vivi found a Hello Kitty mp3 player and said to me dead serious, "I think we should get this for baby Halle." LOL Vivi is hilarious. I can't even imagine when Noelle is 4 years old.

 We blew up the pool and had a little fun in the sun! It sure was hot enough on Saturday! It was great!

Vivi looking precious as we walked through the store.

It was so fun to watch the girls interact and play. Vivi and Noelle are the same age difference as Noelle and Halle so it's fun to see a glimpse of my future. I love the age difference and think it will be perfect. And I'm so happy that Noelle has older cousin Vivi as a friend for life! They are adorable together.

Here are some performances from Friday night. Truly entertaining, these two.


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