June 13, 2014

MN Tot Spots: Summer of '14 Bucket List

This weather is downright amazing! It's so awesome to finally have nice, consistent weather, sunny days, and clear skies! The kids and I have already been enjoying much of what summer has to offer but I've found many events that we would love to say we did before next fall! :) Here is a list of new events and places we need to attend in the next couple months! Look out for new posts and reviews of these places as we cross them off our list! :)

  • Shoreview Puppet Wagon - There are various parks in Shoreview offering free puppet shows weekly this summer! They offer a few during the day and a few in the evenings! I plan on taking the girls to a few of the 12:30 pm ones! See you there!
    • June 16 2:30pm Sitzer Park, 7pm Shamrock Park
    • June 23 12:30pm Bucher Park, 2:30pm Commons Park
    • June 30 12:30pm McCollough Park, 2:30pm Sitzer Park
    • July 14 12:30pm Bobby Theisen Park, 2:30pm Shamrock Park
    • July 21 12:30pm Bucher Park, 2:30pm Commons Park
    • July 28 2:30pm McCollough Park, 7:00pm Sitzer Park
  • Adventure Quest Carnival - This is from 1-4pm on July 18th at the Shoreview Community Center. It is a traditional carnival with games! I'm super excited to take Noelle to this! 
  • Shoreview Friday Night Flix - At the pavilion behind the community center they are having family movie showings outside!
    • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 8:30pm August 8
    • Monsters University, 8:10pm August 22 (We are planning on going to this one! Noelle LOVES Monster Inc!)
    • ET, 7:45pm September 5
  • Lake Harriet Bandshell Family Event - June 21st, 10am-2pm - I usually like to do things with the girls during the week and leave our weekends free to relax and just enjoy time at home but this event sounds really awesome! They will be offering face painting, interactive story time, live music by the Teddy Bear Band, free kid's yoga (by Blooma!), and an appearance by Super Why! (Noelle likes that show so I think she'd love to see him in person!) This event is also free! :)
  • Kidstock: Splatter Sisters - 10:30am June 24th, at the Eden Prairie Staring Lake Amphitheater there will be a free show by the Splatter Sisters! It's music and stories for the little ones!
  • Landmark Center Ballet Tuesdays - I have no idea what this is yet, but I heard about it through the Minnesota Parent magazine. It's a free family program, and judging by the name, Noelle will love it!
  • I Heart Kids' Art - We HAVE to go here. It's an art studio that features art tables, easels, a glass painting wall, play dough, and other materials for kids up to age 8 to use...for free! They also offer art, yoga, and music classes! This sounds amazing! Definitely hitting this up sooner than latter!
  • Paint Your Plate - There are two locations, one in St. Paul and one in Minneapolis, and both have tons of items to select and paint. They have dishes, mugs, bowls, etc. This sounds so fun. Wish I had found this before Father's Day!
  • Chutes and Ladders - Hyland Play Area - This is out in Bloomington, so quite a hike for us but it sounds worth it! It's a large, creative play area complete with platforms, climbers, slides up to 50 ft long, and an area for kids under 5. 
  • More places that offer open gyms for preschool aged children: Rising Stars Gymnastics Academy (Oakdale), Twin City Twisters (Champlin). 
  • Lookout Ridge at Woodbury's Central Park - This sounds awesome. This park imitates the St. Croix River Valley with cliffs, forests, and tree houses for kids 12 and younger.
  • Tuesday Play date at the Walker Art Center - they offer activities, storytelling, films and art projects for preschool aged children from 11am-1pm. Note: they only do it on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month!
  • Teeny Bee Boutique Play date Wednesday - the store in St. Paul offers a weekly play date for parents and kids from 10:30am - noon. 
  • Teeny Bee Boutique Mommy+Me Music Class - on Thursdays from 3:30pm - 4:15pm they offer a free music class for children 3 and younger. I'm totally bummed because I usually work during this time but I may try to get one Thursday off this summer to try this class out with Noelle!
  • Itty Bitty Beach Party - Round Lake Park in Eden Prairie offers free music and fun for kids under 6 years old every Friday at 10am!
For more ideas of things to do with your tots this summer, check out the MN Tot Spots master list! :) Enjoy the summer!!

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