June 20, 2014

MN Tot Spots: Rosebrook (Roseville) Wading Pool

A place I have been meaning to take Noelle to for almost two years is the wading pool in Roseville. I never made it there the last two summers and FINALLY did today! The wading pool is actually part of the Rosebrook park, and it is awesome! It's even better than I had imagined! The park has picnic tables, tennis courts, a large playground, and the awesome, free, large, wading pool! The whole pool is only a little over one foot, so it's perfect for little ones!

Noelle, Halle and I went there with Grandma Sue and cousin Gracie. Noelle did not stop laughing the whole time! She had SO much fun! I brought a few of her water toys but now I know that we can bring much more!

We were super lucky we came on a hot Friday morning and it wasn't crowded! I thought the park would be swamped but there was only 3 other families there! 

 Noelle playing with Gracie!

Halle chilling poolside in the shade!

Look at that smile! Next time I plan on bringing my swim suit too, so I can go in the pool with Halle!

It was so great. I plan on coming back here with the girls A LOT this summer!! What a gem of a place!


  1. Diana, thanks so much for this great entry. I stumbled across it while searching for info on the pool. The sad fact however is that this wonderful wading pool is going to be removed by the Roseville Parks master "renewal" plan. They plan to replace it with a splash pad or whatever...boring!. This pool has been the jewel of that neighborhood since I was a tike in the 70s. It still brings oodles of kids and tons of smiles. I'm hoping perhaps that you and some of the other Moms who love this pool will make your voices heard. Maybe someone will start a "Save the Pool" facebook group to channel info. It's not hopeless yet. The pool will survive the first phase of the project. At some point though, when funds are ready and the Park passes final approval, they plan to take the pool. But I've been told there will be another public comment and meeting before that happens. Let's hope they can be convinced the pool is worth a bit of maintenance and worth saving for another generation. Thanks again for this inspiring post It's the kind of post that the officials need to see, so they can see how important the pool is to young Moms and kiddos. :)

    1. That is so sad to hear! I love this pool, and I know many of my other mom friends do too! How horrible! Thank you for raising awareness of this. I'm sure to tell all my friends, and try to make my voice heard. And please, feel free to do the same, and share my post with anyone you deem appropriate. That is sad, sad news! My 3 year daughter loves this pool, and I was very excited to bring my 1 year old there this summer!


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