June 26, 2014

MN Tot Spots: Pine Tree Apple Orchard - Strawberry Picking!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of joining friends Hilary and Myla at Pine Tree Apple Orchard for some  strawberry picking! Noelle was pretty excited on the way there, since she has seen Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Max & Ruby pick berries! We had never done it before, so I really had no idea how it was going to go. Well, the day was a little chilly with a little mist of rain, so Noelle wasn't super excited to walk through the wet fields or pick the berries herself! For everyone that knows Noelle, you know she doesn't like to get wet or dirty, lol. So, of course, I picked the strawberries, haha.

 Halle, Myla, and Noelle! Pretty sure Noelle was wondering if we could go home yet, lol.

Check out my berries!

She did however like the tractor rides that took us to and from the field! She's already asked to go on another tractor ride, so I think this fall will be fun when we come back to pick apples, and get pumpkins! (I anticipate lots and lots of hay rides!)

I think Noelle will probably enjoy doing this more when she is a little older, and wants to actually pick the berries herself! I think it would be fun to pick a ton of berries and then go home to make strawberry cupcakes or muffins! Yesterday we only picked a small batch...but we did strawberry donuts to go! Everyone liked those! ;)

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