June 17, 2014

MN Tot Spots: 'Music Together' Classes

I had heard of "Music Together in the Valley" classes before, when I worked at Primrose School (they use the curriculum) but had never gone to one. Noelle and I had the pleasure of attending one of their free demo classes last week and met our friends Hilary and Myla there! The class was cute, and totally age appropriate for our little tots! In the 45 minute class, our teacher Amanda, sang and taught the kids some interactive songs, played her guitar, let the kids experiment with instruments, and had them do some rhythm exercises. 

Not sure why Noelle decided to take one of her shoes off...

Noelle, like in all new situations, was hesitant at times and did some observing before joining in. Some of the songs were really cute, and reminded me of the songs I taught my own toddlers in my class at Primrose. "Music Together" gave us all a copy of some of their songs too, which was nice! 

I really liked something the teacher said when the kids were experimenting with the instruments, and it was something along the lines that we shouldn't manipulate or correct them when they experiment with the instruments, but let them explore on their own. I try to have the same mentality when Noelle does art work...letting her create whatever she wants, no matter how abstract it is. That was a good reminder, and it was fun to see instruments from the kids point of view. Noelle had never seen some of them before!

Hilary and Myla! (I need a new phone, with a better camera, stat!)

This was Noelle's first time meeting Myla, and oh my, Myla is a fun girl! She's totally opposite of Noelle. She's outgoing, and not afraid of anything. She jumped in right away with all the songs and activities! It will be fun to have more play dates and see how their relationship grows! Noelle definitely needs to hang out with more kids. Ever since I stopped nannying, Noelle has gotten a bit more clingy to me, and more reluctant to try out new things. She likes to play it safe, which has always been her personality, but it would be nice for her to play with some other kids who are a bit more daring, so she can come out of her shell a little bit!

I thought the class was pretty good, and liked that they have mixed age classes so siblings can be together (the teacher even included Halle). We aren't signing up for the summer session since we want to keep most of our mornings open to try out new activities and go to summer events, but it's definitely something to think about in the fall. It's definitely a worthwhile class! I think it's great to teach toddlers beats, rhythm, movement, etc. from a young age. I like that "Music Together" has a researched curriculum and teachers who are not only good with kids, but have musical backgrounds and knowledge. Joey was totally into it when I told him about it when we got home, and I know he wants his little girl to have his musical skill one day! :)

Here is Myla giving Noelle a hug at the end of class, while Noelle looks on, lol. She can be such a little turkey.

The class was held at Creative Kidstuff in St. Paul. Always a hit!

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  1. Whoop whoop! Loved seeing this on my evening blog roll :) The class and teacher were great. I was so glad that I got to see you and your girls! Your comments were so sweet. I will say though that Myla can be very shy and reserved and reluctant sometimes too - it just totally depends on her mood/situation which can change day by day or hour by hour ;) Looking forward to another playdate soon! Tamarack Nature Center perhaps? Went there for the first time this morning and it was fantastic! Thanks for sharing all these TOT SPOT posts. I've been referring to them. XO!


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