June 4, 2014

Memorial Weekend 2014

This past Memorial weekend was a big one for us! It was the first time our family separated! Noelle went up north with Grandma Sue on Thursday, I came up Friday night, and Joey and Halle stayed home! We hadn't planned on this, as the original plan was that we would all go up to the cabin together. Noelle went up early with Grandma for a fun night away, and Joey and I were suppose to leave and follow suit on Friday afternoon. However, Friday came and Joey had a massive headache and felt like relaxing at home. He wasn't up for the 2.5 hour drive. Halle was also very sleepy from getting 4 vaccinations that morning, so Joey thought it would be best if she stayed home with him and rest together. So Friday night I drove up to Mille Lacs on my own! 

A sleepy Noelle just woken up from her nap, getting into Nana's van to drive up to the cabin with Anna and Elsa!

Playing with all the fun toys Grandma keeps at the cabin!

I got there on Friday night just in time before Noelle went to bed. She hadn't seen me since Thursday morning, so really it was only close to 2 days, but we were so happy to see each other!! As soon as I got there she started telling me all about the water, the fish, and told me all of Nana's animals weren't real (the garden statues)! Haha. It was fun, she and I have never been to the cabin alone before so it was fun to share a room together  - just us and set up our beds. She usually sleeps with me but now she wanted her own bed. She slept on a bed across from me, with no bed rail, and I was the paranoid mom waiting for her to fall all night, but she didn't. 

Noelle and I stayed at the cabin all day Saturday, the night, and then left Sunday after lunch. We had so much fun and the weather was gorgeous!! It was beautiful, hot, and sunny every single day we were there. We didn't want to leave at all, but Joey and Halle were still at home waiting for us. Joey was going to drive up later in the weekend to meet us there, but he and Halle were having such a good time relaxing at home, he decided to stay home. 

We were up at the cabin with Sue, Don, and the Holmboe's (Staci's family). Noelle had a blast. She played outside a lot - bubbles, the four wheeler, bean bags...you name it. She also enjoyed how each night ended with a trip to the ice cream shop. ;)

Noelle finally rides the four wheeler now too. She's had it for a year now and last year at the cabin she made very small strides on the "bike," as she calls it. Now she can take the thing for a ride all the way around the cabin, although her steering is really bad, lol. 

Cinderella with her sneakers on. :)

Noelle also had her very first pontoon ride! She loved it. You would never know though because she didn't crack a smile once. However, if you asked her if she wanted to get off she would say no, and once we stopped she said "again!" She kept on asking for the boat, and she loved the water. She also said she was looking for Flounder, and called the lake, an ocean quite a bit. 

Every princess has her animal friends.

"They not real mama," she told me.

I asked her what she was doing, "Catching butterflies!"

This is the room we shared. I slept on the big bed and she slept on the lower bunk of the bunk bed next to me. 

Enjoying the sunshine on our last day! She's coloring pictures for daddy here to give him when we return!

Overall, it was so so fun. It was a so great to get away for a while! Although initially I was really sad that Noelle and I were going to be separated from Joey and Halle, it ended up being really nice. I felt like it was a nice break for me to concentrate only on Noelle, and to have some time to myself, and not worry about nursing. It was also good for Joey because he's usually with Noelle, and it was a time for him to bond with Halle, and spend some time on his own as well. It was a nice break for both of us! Next time though, we're going all together! :)

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