June 3, 2014

May Memories & Family Update!

It was a busy May for us last month, as we adjusted to life - just the four of us! With my mom back in Texas, we had some time to get our lives back into somewhat of a routine!

Joey and I made an important decision for me to not continue nannying, but to instead work part time in the evenings after he gets home from work. It was hard not knowing for sure what I was going to do, but we knew for sure that I couldn't nanny anymore. With two kids of my own, it was getting to be too much, and I need to concentrate on my own kids as well as take it a bit easier so that I don't get burnt out from being with little ones all the time. 

I had two job offers to consider and ended up going with a job at Joey's mom and step dad's store. It works out nicely because it's only a few minutes away from our home, and my hours are excellent. I'm very fortunate to be able to be with my girls all day, go to work after Joey get's home, and still be able to get home in time to help Joey put the girl's to bed. We figure that we will continue to do this until the girls are a bit older, since they are only young once, and I can work the rest of my life after they are grown! I currently have one class left before I complete my Masters program at Saint Mary's so I'll begin that sometime within the next year as well!

Playing outside finally!

I've been keeping really busy with having the two girls now, but the nice weather has definitely made things nice! We have been going on more walks, going to the park, and finding new activities to do that are baby friendly for Halle! As the weather gets nicer, the more things we can find to entertain us! Although Minnesota kind of skipped spring, and went head first into summer, we can't complain! We need to soak up this sun and heat before fall comes! :)

Noelle really enjoyed her Mickey Mouse sucker that she got from her cousins Ellie and Ava! I can't wait until the girls are older, so we can go to Disneyland too!

Here's Halle getting some good snuggle time with Ellie outside at Grandpa's!

Noelle and Vivi "painting" Grandpa's house. (Who knew a bucket of water and some old brushes would be so fun!?)

Joey and Halle sharing the same look of disapproval... ;)

Noelle and Ava playing in Grandpa's back yard.

She might be girly but she still wants to play ball!

The kids celebrating Grandpa's birthday!

Grandpa also came over to hold Halle!

Here's Noelle having her first taste of cotton candy ice cream at Coldstone...she loved it.

Here's my princess eating with mama at the mall! This was her first time going out in public for a long stretch of time (4 hours) without a diaper! She stayed dry the whole time!! 

Halle's all like "WTH mom?!"

Noelle thinks this water thing in front of the mall is really cool. So we had to stop here and play with it foreeeeeveeer. It pumps the rain water that it collects, and as it trickles through those blue things it plays music.

She can't get enough!

Overall, a good month! Now that the weather is GORGEOUS out, I'm really looking forward to being home with the girls during the day!!

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