June 28, 2014

Happy Halle - 3 Months

Goodness. Someone make the time stop!! Halle's life is flashing before my eyes! Can you believe my little baby is already 3 months!? When I think of a 3 month old, I think "baby," not "infant" anymore. Sigh. It goes too fast. 

I've started to call this precious baby, Happy Halle, because she has got to be the happiest baby I have ever seen! She is FULL of smiles, coos, and adoration! She beams at pretty much everyone, and squeals in delight when anyone talks to her. I mean, really, after having a crabby baby (God knows, I LOVE Noelle...), it's so wonderful to have a baby that actually smiles!

She's already a hefty 14 pounds (can you BELIEVE that!?) She eats like a champion and sleeps like one too. We are so blessed! With Noelle, I fed her only from bottles at this point on, so I know how many ounces she drank and how often. With Halle, there are no schedules. She lets me know when she's hungry and she sleeps when she's tired. She falls asleep on her own and doesn't need to be soothed to sleep. Halle seems to eat roughly about 5x a day, takes one extremely long nap (3 hours) after lunch, cat naps throughout the day, and goes to bed every night around 9pm. 

She loves music, watching anything with bright colors (like Noelle in neon tuts running around the room), and likes to suck and chew on her fingers/hands. She's not at all fussy, but does like to be held constantly. If no one's holding her, that's when you will hear her. She's vocal about it, but her cries are nothing compared to the colic cries we are used to. Noelle adores her little sister and dotes her on quite a bit. Halle likes it, but you can tell it's a bit smothering for her when she tries to move away and can't, lol.

Halle's other likes: 
sleeping on her side and/or stomach
her pacifier
her swing
hugs and kisses
sleeping with white noise and a fan blowing on her

Halle does not care for:
car rides
tummy time (although she is very good at it!)

Can someone make my baby stay a baby longer please? I don't want this to ever go away! Knowing that Halle is my last baby, I am trying to soak up every last minute. I cuddle with her every chance I get and stare at her every night. Joey loves her to the moon and back too. Lucky for us, big sister Noelle also loves her baby sister. She always asks about her, and wants to know where she is at all times. We are all so in love with our Happy Halle. 

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